Leslie Grace’s Final Costume From Canceled Batgirl Film Revealed


Leslie Grace closes her 2022 with an Instagram reel that included her final costume in the cancelled DC Comics Batgirl movie. Unlike the suit for the promotional photos, the one in the behind-the-scenes moment seems more sturdy.

While it also sported the same colours, it appears to be more durable and armoured. Also, the new suit featured more protective components for Batgirl.

For anyone in social media, the end of the year calls back so many memories and pushes individuals to reflect. Celebrity or not, people tend to look back and assess the year before the new one comes in. Many people encapsulate an entire year featuring a set of photos or video clips.

Grace chose to stitch together the many reels showing the precious moments in her life in 2022. The reel not only showed behind the scenes with the cast as crew but also other significant moments with friends and family.

With the reel is her message of gratitude. She writes:

thank u for teachin’ me, 2022. you were singular in many ways that will stay with me. my gratitude and love for life is much deeper thanks to the experiences you brought me. i take your lessons with me as we part.🙏🏽 here’s to many more stories to tell, memories to make, and love to give in 2023 📓🌱🤎✨

Leslie Grace gives us a look at the final Batgirl costume


Credit: @lesliegrace on Instagram

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Unquestionably, Batgirl is one of the best moments of 2022 for Leslie Grace. Many fans were already looking forward to seeing it after learning that filming had wrapped and it was at the final leg of post-production.

Thus, fans joined Grace, the rest of the cast, the directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi and crew in disappointment when Warner Bros Discovery cancelled the movie. Even though there is no longer any chance of us seeing Grace’s take on Batgirl, fans still expressed their support. Instagram follower ‘mattsharespics’ commented:

So wish we could have seen Batgirl 🥺 Happy new year, hope 2023 will give you another opportunity to play her again!

One other comment from another follower, rena16185, reads:

I hope you get a call from James Gunn in 2023

Indeed, many are still rooting to see Leslie Grace don the Batgirl suit. If WBD shelved the movie last August before the formation of DC Studios, what stops them from making a different Batgirl?

It will all depend on the grand plan James Gunn and Peter Safran have for the mega-franchise. Definitely, there will be expectations.

Could Batgirl turn up in future DC Universe movies or TV shows?

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Fans already hope they let Grace and the directors Bilall and Adil bring another forward. On a positive note, the directors already shared that they will have a meeting with the co-CEOs of DC Studios. For whatever project, that still will be under wraps.

Despite the situation that Grace has gone through for Batgirl, her resilience still remains. Even though the movie will not see the light of day, she still found value in the experience.

Definitely, Batgirl has shown her that she has a huge amount of support from fans and the people closest to her. Ultimately, it also showed her how other people supported her as Barbara Gordon.

She was able to witness how many were looking forward to seeing Batgirl. While Leslie Grace lets us all in with what could have been the first Batgirl movie from DC, it still can happen.

Maybe with a different story or as part of a group, Batgirl can still swing into the big screen. Because DC Studios intends to unveil a new slate, anything can be possible.

Let’s all hope that Leslie Grace’s Batgirl is in it. But that will also be up to Grace if she is still up to taking on the task.

What do you make of this news? Do you wish that the Batgirl movie wasn’t cancelled? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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