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Netflix’s Wednesday will release a deluxe doll merch (via Digital Spy) showcasing the kooky teenage heroine with her most trusted sidekick, Thing. Season 1 of Wednesday featured the eldest daughter of the Addams family entering Nevermore Academy.

The school where her parents, Gomez and Morticia, met. This comes after several schools failed to keep up with her. Well, that is so from a certain point of view.

Being a student in Nevermore meant that Wednesday would be on her own. Moreover, she will be away from her family.

Something that Tish worried about when they were about to leave. Thus, Gomez took the liberty of sneaking Thing on campus to keep his daughter safe.

Soon enough, Wednesday knew of Thing’s presence and purpose. In exchange for Thing’s existence, Wednesday demanded his loyalty.

As the days go by, Wednesday and Thing proved to be the best companions. Other than Wednesday’s roomie, Enid, Thing presents a ready support to Wednesday’s every endeavour.

Wednesday merch is coming for Wednesday Addams and Thing


Credit: Netflix

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It is only fitting that the first deluxe doll that the Netflix series will release would feature the two. Much like other detective characters, Wednesday and Thing go through puzzles and uncover truths together.

Given the nature of Wednesday Addams, the doll keeps true to the spooky tone of the character. The doll’s face slightly resembling another scary doll from the silver screen may be a main factor of the design. Wednesday would welcome being disturbing like that.

Thing is also sporting the stitches he has in the series. Many fans say that Thing having stitches is a nod to Frankenstein’s Monster.

He only had these stitches in the Netflix series. In other adaptations, he is generally without a scar or a stitch, even though he is actually a disembodied hand.

His skin in other adaptations is flawless. Perhaps that is also why Wednesday remarked on his obsession with hand creams and lotions in the series.

The Netflix series creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar made the decision on focusing on Wednesday. Furthermore, they decided on featuring her character as a teenager away from her family in a boarding school.

Tim Burton’s Netflix show was a huge success

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Tim Burton took painstaking care of how the series will look through his vision. As director and executive producer, Burton centred it on Wednesday’s dark quirky charm.

Of course, there are nods, easter eggs and tributes to Burton’s past works as well as the past adaptations of Charles Addams’ characters. But because the series featured a different world for Wednesday, it is her point of view, her story, and her personality that shined in the series. It bears her name as its title, after all.

Meanwhile, Jenna Ortega embodied Wednesday so well that she even took cello and fencing lessons to match the character’s genius. The actress even made the character all her own.

Ortega studied Wednesday to the point that she understood the way she thinks. In fact, there was even a time that she insisted on not saying a specific line in the script because she thought Wednesday wouldn’t even consider saying it.

True enough, when she shared it during an interview, fans were quick to commend her decision. There are those who even want her to be in the writers’ room for the second season because of it.

Given the popularity of the Netflix series, we will not be surprised if the deluxe doll has other characters to make up a special collection. We can already imagine an Enid doll!

But before that, they will need to complete the Addams Family. Starting with Wednesday’s parents, Gomez and Morticia and her brother, Pugsley. There could even be one for Tyler Galpin, either as in human form or as his other form.

The collector’s deluxe doll is available for pre-order at £65.

What do you make of this news? Are you going to get yourself some of this merch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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