The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Creators Want A Movie Adaptation


The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom producer Eiji Aonuma and director Hidemaro Fujibayashi have shared that they are “interested” in a film adaptation of The Legend of Zelda, especially after the incredible success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

They revealed this during an interview with Polygon. During the interview, they were asked whether they would be interested in a film adaptation of Tears Of The Kingdom. Here’s what they had to say on the matter. Aonuma said the following:

I have to say, I am interested. For sure. But it’s not just me being interested in something that makes things happen, unfortunately.

Fujibayashi then added the following:

Maybe the voice of the fans is what’s important here.

Reinventing Zelda


Credit: Nintendo

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The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, the latest instalment in the iconic Zelda series, has shaken up the gaming world with its bold and innovative design. The game developers, Eiji Aonuma and Hidemaro Fujibayashi, have turned traditional game design on its head by offering players borderline game-breaking abilities from the get-go.

These abilities allow players to construct vehicles, craft weapons, manipulate time, and even swim through ceilings. It’s like having cheat codes enabled from the start, opening up a world of possibilities for players to explore Hyrule in new and exciting ways. This approach, however, did not come without risks.

Giving Players Freedom

Creating Tears Of The Kingdom was a complex balancing act for the developers. Giving players more freedom meant they had more ways to “sequence break,” wreak havoc on enemies, and come pretty close to playing god. This was a risk that the developers were willing to take to provide a fresh and exhilarating gaming experience.

But how did they maintain the balance and keep the game enjoyable for everyone? Aonuma and Fujibayashi adopted a guiding principle: keep it simple and to the point. The more they weeded out complexity upfront, the more versatility and freedom they could provide later.

Taking Inspiration From Player Feedback

What’s even more fascinating is that the design of Tears Of The Kingdom was heavily influenced by player feedback from the previous game, Breath of the Wild. Players’ videos of their unconventional use of game mechanics in Breath of the Wild gave the developers the confidence to implement similar features in the new game.

Redesigning Dungeons

One significant change in Tears Of The Kingdom is the redesign of the dungeons. Fujibayashi describes the new temples as more pronounced than the Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild but not exactly like the dungeons from past Zelda games. They represent a hybrid format that combines the best elements from previous titles.

The Influence of Majora’s Mask

While many have compared Tears Of The Kingdom to Majora’s Mask, Aonuma believes the two games faced different challenges. The switch from Breath of the Wild to Tears Of The Kingdom involved expanding the world horizontally and vertically. Despite the differences, Aonuma appreciates that fans notice the somewhat dark atmosphere brought by the prominent antagonist, Ganondorf.

Future Possibilities: A Movie Adaptation


Credit: Nintendo

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There are rumours swirling that Aonuma and Fujibayashi are considering a movie adaptation of the Zelda series. While the details remain undisclosed due to technical issues accessing the specific information, it is exciting to think about the possibilities. A film adaptation could bring the magical world of Hyrule to an even broader audience and solidify Zelda’s position in popular culture.

Fans and gamers alike will undoubtedly be eager to see how the unique elements of Tears Of The Kingdom could be translated onto the silver screen. With the game’s success and the creators’ evident passion for innovation, the potential for a Zelda movie is a tantalising prospect. It could open up a whole new way of experiencing the beloved franchise. Only time will tell if this bold step will be taken. Until then, fans have plenty to explore and enjoy in the expansive and thrilling world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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