Keanu Reeves Confirms Kevin Feige Meeting To Discuss MCU Role


Keanu Reeves has confirmed he’s met with Kevin Feige to discuss a role in the MCU.

In an interview with Comic Book back in December last year, Reeves admitted he has had discussions with the Marvel President.

These discussions took place in 2019, but they ultimately did not settle on a role for Reeves to play.

Marvel hasn’t found a character for Reeves to play in the MCU … yet


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Speaking about the discussions he had with Feige, Reeves said:

We haven’t yet. We have met, and [Kevin Feige]’s a cool cat. Yeah. But no, we don’t have anything, gotta find something.

Given that the two parties have met, there’s clearly an interest on Marvel’s part to find a role within the MCU for Reeves.

It feels like a matter of time before something official will be announced.

Ever since starring in the John Wick trilogy, Reeves has re-established himself as a household Hollywood name.

He’s also revisited his popular characters in the Bill & Ted and The Matrix franchises.

Plus, when you listen to interviews with him, he just seems like such a friendly bloke that you’d love to have a drink with.

With the interest from both parties, let’s hope that they can thrash out a deal to cast Reeves in the MCU.

What do you make of this news?

Who would you like to see Reeves play in the MCU?

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