Kayaking Movies And How You Might Have The Same Experience Through Competitions


Have you ever thought of watching an incredible kayaking movie?

Kayaking is both an exciting activity and a competitive sport.

Some people do kayaking more as an exciting opportunity to get on the water and enjoy nature and beautiful surroundings for a few hours. 

For others, kayaking is a competitive sport, which can leave you with an ecstatic feeling of joy and adrenaline. 

But getting that thrill from kayaking doesn’t always have to involve water and actual kayaking.

There are a lot of kayaking movies that leave you high on adrenaline and the exciting feeling of competition.

If you are looking for more inspiration for thrilling kayaking movies, then you are at the right place.

If you, however, are ready to take that thrilling feeling into the water, then check out Kajakorienteringen, where you can experience a great kayaking competition. 

Get excited with the best kayaking movies


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There can be many reasons why you are not jumping in a kayak yourself and going on the water:

The weather might be against you, you might be unable to kayak at the moment, or you simply just don’t have a great competition to look forward to. 

When this happens, you can instead turn to kayaking movies, which is a great way to feel the thrill and get excited, without actually sitting in a kayak. 

There is a great selection of kayaking movies, which all can bring you different aspects of kayaking directly.

You can find movies that stun you and brings back the joy and happiness of kayaking.

Or, you can find movies that show the hard side of kayaking and the competition to become the best at kayaking. 

Documentaries for a real-life experience

The movies for the big screen are only one source of kayaking movies.

You can also find thrilling and extraordinary documentaries that give you a real-life experience of kayaking. 

Documentaries about kayaking often contain some interesting storyline, whether it be the protection of rivers or overcoming personal trauma.

But, underneath it all is the beautiful shots of kayaking and the scenery surrounding some of the rivers, lakes and seas, where the documentary will take you. 

Don’t settle for the movies, go for the real deal


Credit: Pexels

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Even though kayaking movies can give you the thrill of kayaking, nothing beats the real deal of actually doing kayaking in nature.

There are plenty of reasons to get in the kayak and go explore nature or test your own strength. 

One great opportunity is Kajakorienteringen, which you can read more about in the link at the top of the article. 

This competition happens once a year in Sweden and lasts for about 15 or 20 kilometres.

What is so special about this competition, is that it consists of numerous orienteering routes, where you control the route and make your own choices during the competition.

It is simply up to you to navigate and find the fastest route.    

It is a great way to experience the real-life thrill of a kayak competition, which will get your adrenaline going and test your strength, and your ability to navigate the beautiful landscape in Sweden in your kayak.


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