Karen Gillan Reveals She Wants To Direct And Star In A Batgirl Movie

Karen Gillan is quickly becoming one of our time’s pop culture icons, and it looks like she has her sights firmly set on playing another pretty important comic book character, Batgirl.

She already plays Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies, and it now looks like she wouldn’t mind jumping on over to the DC Comics side of things.

The Scottish actress was asked during a recent interview (via Omelete.com) which pop culture icon she’d like to play if the opportunity to do so ever presented itself.

This was when she revealed she would love to play Batgirl in a DC Comics movie.

“Batgirl would be pretty cool!” she replied very enthusiastically.

She then joked: “Yeah, she’s a redhead.”

Gillan was then asked whether she’d ever like to direct a comic book movie, and she opted for Batgirl once again.

Batgirl would be cool for that, as well. My favorite film in that world, my favorite one is The Dark Knight. I just love the way that one is directed so much. So, I would just love to work in that world, as a director. Come on, DC. Look over this way.

Gillan would be a pretty good choice to play Batgirl, and she does have some experience directing, yet it would be a big challenge for her to both star in a movie which she’s directing.

Could Karen Gillan star in and direct a Batgirl movie?

Karen Gillan could be playing and directing Batgirl

Karen Gillan could be playing and directing Batgirl – Credit: BBC

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Karen Gillan’s directed a few shorts and one feature-length comedy called The Party’s Just Beginning, however, starring in and directing a movie at the same time in never easy

The Batgirl movie has been in development over at Warner Bros for quite some time now.

To begin with, the movie was going to be directed and written by Joss Whedon but he left the project in 2018.

Since then, Birds of Prey and Bumblebee writer Christina Hodson was hired to write a script for the movie, but there’s been no news about the movie since.

There have been rumours that Daisy Ridley and Katherine Langford were being eyed by Warner Bros. Pictures for Barbara Gordon.

The movie studio might be waiting to see how Birds of Prey does before moving ahead with a Batgirl movie.

Would you guys like to see Karen Gillan star in and direct a Batgirl movie?

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