DC’s Batgirl Movie Is Back On The Cards With A Brand New Writer

Joss Whedon is out and Christina Hodson is in. DC’s Batgirl movie has found itself a new writer in Christina Hodson who helped pen the upcoming Transformers Bumblebee spinoff movie.

The Batgirl movie’s been in a state of flux for some time now. Initially, Joss Whedon was hired to both write and direct the film but he ended up stepping away from the project – maybe after the allegations made against him or perhaps because he just couldn’t crack the script… We’ll never know… However, the Batgirl movie is now back on the cards since Christina Hodson has been brought on to write the film.

This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and Hodson is a rather interesting choice for the project. He’s certainly an up-and-coming writer. Her previous work includes the script for Warner Bros.’ film, Unforgettable, and he also had a hand in penning the upcoming Bumblebee movie, the Transformers spinoff film.

This also won’t be Hodson’s first time working on a Batgirl property. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she helped “develop a feature project based on…Birds of Prey.” Birds of Prey is DC Comics’ all-female superhero team which includes the likes of Batgirl and Harley Quinn to name a few.

DC Comics’ upcoming projects include James Wan’s Aquaman, Shazam!, Wonder Woman 2, Flashpoint, Suicide Squad 2, The Batman, Green Lantern Corps, the as of yet untilted Joker and Harley Quinn movie, the Nightwing movie, the Joker origins spinoff film, Margot Robbie and David Ayer’s Gotham City Sirens, Justice League Dark, a potential Man of Steel sequel, the untitled Deathstroke movie, the untilted Lobo and Black Adam films.

A lot of stuff on this list is in a perpetual state of uncertainty, but hopefully, the Batgirl movie will go ahead. All they need to do now is find a capable director and lead for the film.

Who would you like to see direct the Batgirl movie and who should play Barbara Gordon. a.k.a. Batgirl? Let us know in the comments below.

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