Jon Bernthal Celebrates His Return As The Punisher In New Video


The latest development on MCU’s Daredevil: Born Again series has Jon Bernthal‘s return as The Punisher, and now the actor celebrates it with a video. Fans immediately responded with positive comments looking forward to seeing him again as Frank Castle.

There are also comments stating disbelief that something they have long been hoping for is actually coming true about a year from now. This adds to the excitement of seeing Daredevil in a new series again. Moreover, it brings hope that the rest of the Defenders might just appear in any of the upcoming projects for Disney Plus.

With 18 episodes in the Daredevil Born Again series, many fans speculate that Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones, Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and even Finn Jones’ Iron Fist might just make an appearance in an episode or so.

Jon Bernthal In The Punisher Character On Video

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Bernthal appeared in a video on TikTok from realonesjonbernthal, which is an account tied to the actor’s podcast where he does interviews with other celebrities. The video played the character’s signature background music The Punisher (Main Theme) – Baltic House Orchestra. It simply showed him going through a screen door into somewhat a gym or boxing training area. Notable at the beginning of the video is the insignia of the Marvel character as a backrest of a wooden seat. It only had the caption:

Franks back #thepunisher #jonbernthal #daredevilnetflix #mcutok #daredevilbornagain

@realonesjonbernthal Franks back #thepunisher #jonbernthal #daredevilnetflix #mcutok #daredevilbornagain ♬ The Punisher (Main Theme) – Baltic House Orchestra

Then Collider also shared the story with the hope that other members of the Defenders would indeed find their footing into the MCU. What’s more significant with Bernthal’s return to the character for the supersized series on Marvel is the fact that the actor has stated many times before that he is only interested in doing Frank Castle again if only it is done right.

The possibility of a watered-down version of the former Netflix Marvel series is something the fans have been dreading. Even more so as they grew some huge amount of worry after Charlie Cox’s Daredevil appeared on She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

With The Punisher confirmed to be in the upcoming series, it is like telling fans they can rest assured that they will get to see what they want to see.

Jon Bernthal Is The Punisher Once More On Video


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige himself sees Bernthal as the only The Punisher. It perhaps is the same way he sees Charlie Cox being the perfect actor for Daredevil in the MCU. As early as September 2021 talks have already been in motion and they included other actors for the previous shows. At the time, the upcoming Daredevil series was not been officially announced yet.

This gives us hope that sooner rather than later, we will also actually see Ritter back as the sometimes-sober but always formidable private investigator Jessica Jones. Despite the diminishing hope that Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson might reprise their roles, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson, at least Bernthal is confirmed to be in the new series.

As they have always said, the upcoming series won’t be a continuation. Instead, it is a “reincarnation” as Cox has previously put it. Given that Marvel’s MCU is already deep in its multiverse narrative, anyone could have different versions of their character. The series that was previously streamed on Netflix could be considered as another universe highly similar to MCU’s Universe 616.

In terms of rating for the series, it is not yet definite if they will adhere to the R-rating or one that utilizes stark graphic violence that the previous shows had. Kevin Feige already assured fans about Deadpool keeping its original rating. However, he hasn’t clearly said the same for Daredevil Born Again.

Nevertheless, Feige has also claimed two years ago that the PG-13 rating has never pulled them back from telling a story the way that they wanted. Thus, while the story may be for a more mature audience, fans now have the impression that the upcoming series will actually have less blood and gore in it.

What do you make of the news where Jon Bernthal celebrates his return as The Punisher by sharing a TikTok video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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