Johnny Depp Loves His Quiet Life In The English Countryside


It’s been revealed that Johnny Depp is living in the English countryside and apparently he prefers living there rather than anywhere else in the world, which I can really understand. I’ve been a huge admirer of the English countryside for years.

Being British myself might be one of the reasons. But I would also argue that the English countryside is stunning. Some of the world’s most beautiful spots are in the British countryside. According to recent reports, Depp prefers his quiet life in Somerset, where he resides on an 850-acre estate, complete with a 19th-century mansion.

In 2014, he spent £13 million on what’s been described as a Downton Abbey-style estate in the West Country, which boasts 12 bedrooms, eight bathrooms and 850 acres. That’s pretty amazing and something that I am aiming for.

Johnny Depp loves his quiet life in the English countryside


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According to The Daily Mail, Depp’s stunning abode, which looks like it has been taken straight out of a Jane Austen novel, also features sprawling walled gardens. Here’s what the movie star had to say about his English countryside mansion:

I just love places with character. British people are cool and will greet you as if you are a neighbour — without going over the top. I like going to places, seeing things and meeting people — but I’m not the great extrovert that people think.

Depp then added:

In truth, I’m quite a shy person. That’s one of the great things about Britain, and especially Somerset. I can just be me — and that’s nice. I can go into shops without being surrounded by people wanting selfies. I don’t mind that up to a point, but sometimes it gets a little too crowded.

Depp loves living in Somerset

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When he bought the mansion – yes, I’m going to keep on referring to us as a “mansion” – The Pirates Of The Caribbean star had just gotten engaged to his now ex-wife, Amber Heard. He married her in 2015, and then they got divorced in 2017.

They were then, of course, embroiled in a very public court case, which Depp eventually won. However, that whole debacle might still not be over yet. We’re going to have to wait and see what happens with that story.

Depp was awarded $15 million in damages. The actress won one of the three counter-claims she ordered against Depp and was awarded $2 million in compensatory damages.

As for Depp’s English countryside life, it seems as though he’s really been enjoying it. Just earlier this month, staff at an antiques shop in Lincolnshire were left stunned after film star Johnny dropped in unannounced to buy some guitars.

In a secret visit to the shop, the Hollywood icon arrived by helicopter at Hemswell Antique Centres, Hemswell Cliff, yesterday afternoon.

As for what is coming up next in Johnny Depp’s career, the actor is going to be starring as Louis XV in the movie Jeanne Du Barry. He was filming the movie earlier this year near Paris. It’s set to be released in cinemas later this year. No official release date has been announced yet.

What do you make of this news? Do you wish to have the same life in the English countryside as Johnny Depp? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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