Jared Leto Reveals Morbius Is A Complex Character And Not A Bad Guy

Morbius’ trailer landed earlier this week and it’s really got people talking, and one of the reasons people are really interested in it is because Jared Leto’s in it.

Jared Leto is a very interesting actor and he chooses genuinely fascinating roles.

However, he’s got a lot of flack recently for his portrayal of Joker in Suicide Squad, and there’s a reason for that – his performance was pretty dreadful.

Anyway, it looks like he might have sound the perfect character for him to play, Marvel’s Michael Morbius.

The actor was discussing the role with IGN and he revealed some interesting facts about his character and what drew him to accept the part.

The man is a pretty complex character…who’s been afflicted with this horrendous disease and has had all kinds of challenges and has been in pursuit of this cure.

In the movie, Morbius has a very rare blood disease and he’s dying.

He’s desperately trying to find himself a cure, and Jared Leto’s Morbius finds one, but it comes at a price.

Jared Leto thinks Morbius is a good guy

Here's a look at Jared Leto as Morbius in the Morbius movie

Here’s a look at Jared Leto as Morbius in the Morbius movie – Credit: Sony Pictures

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He basically becomes a living vampire and has all the strengths and weaknesses that comes with (having to drink human blood being one of the biggest drawbacks).

However, Leto was keen to stress that Morbius is not a bad man and that he does strive to help people.

All of a sudden has this power and this physical strength, which is all incredible, but there is a flip side to it, as well. There’s a dark side. So that battle between the light and dark is something that he fights throughout the film.

Leto continued to say that “Morbius is an imperfect person”, and while he “has a moral code” that makes him “a good person”.

Jared Leto finished off by claiming that Morbius isn’t “your grandfather’s superhero.”

What do you make of Jared Leto’s comments and are you looking forward to watching Morbius?

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