James Gunn Teases New Superman Project At DC Studios

James Gunn has seemingly teased a new Superman project over at DC Studios, and I am all in if this is the case! It was Day 1 of Gunn’s tenure as DC Studios’ co-CEO, and the very first thing he did was take to Twitter to celebrate his first day. In the tweet, he teased what can only be described as a Superman project. Let’s explain what happened and why we think Gunn was getting everyone ready for a new Man Of Steel movie.

So, it was revealed not long ago that James Gunn and Peter Safran has been appointed by Warner Bros Discovery as the new joint-heads of the newly-formed DC Studios. They’ve been given four-year deals to try to bring in more money for the studio through their comic book movies and TV shows. It’s a pretty tall order, and it seems as though Gunn and Safran both think that one of the ways to get audiences back on their side is by giving them more Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman!

Did James Gunn tease a new Superman project at DC Studios?


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So, let’s have a look at the tweet that has caused a vast number of DC fans to think that Gunn is teasing that a Superman project is in development. You can check out the tweet for yourselves below and make up your own minds:

James Gunn’s tweet reads as follows:

First day, new job.

Interestingly, he accompanied this caption with an image of Clark Kent tapping on his typewriter, thinking:

Got to restrain myself… or I may absent-mindedly punch this typewriter into TWISTED WRECKAGE!

It seems this tweet alludes to the first order of business at DC Studios being a Superman project. At least, this is what we can infer from the tweet. However, this is still technically just fan speculation, and we’ll have to wait and see whether DC Studios does end up giving us a Man Of Steel sequel before anything else.

How’s DC Studios doing in its first week?

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It has been reported that a Man Of Steel sequel is in the works over at DC Studios. However, we don’t know whether this project will be the next one on the docket for Warner Bros. There are still some other DC movies that haven’t been released. The likes of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, The Flash movie and Wonder Woman 3. All of these movies should be released before the next Superman movie.

However, they could end up putting the Man Of Steel sequel into the fast lane. It would seem as though things are moving pretty quickly with that project. It’s already been officially revealed that Henry Cavill is returning as Superman to the DC Universe. This was revealed in Black Adam, and Cavill then confirmed the news that he was going to be back for good as the Man Of Steel, and I cannot wait to see what they end up doing with the character moving forward. There have been rumours that Gunn might end up directing a Superman movie himself. However, it was reported that Warner Bros was only just accepting pitches for a new Superman film.

My hope is that they end up going with Christopher McQuarrie and that he gets to direct the movie also! That’s what I would love to see, but it might not happen because McQuarrie has his hands pretty full at the moment with the Mission: Impossible movies.

What do you make of this news? Do you think that James Gunn was teasing an upcoming Superman project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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