Doctor Fate’s Future Teased In Deleted Black Adam End-Credits Scene


It’s been revealed that Black Adam had an end-credits scene which set up Doctor Fate’s future in the DC Universe. However, the scene ended up being deleted, which is such a shame! This news was revealed by The Direct, and I wish they had kept this post-credits scene in the film’s final cut.

So, what happened in this end-credits scene? Well, according to the media outlet’s sources, they had filmed and subsequently deleted a second post-credits scene in which viewers would have been given a little more information about Doctor Fate’s future in the DC Universe. This would have been an additional post-credits scene to the Henry Cavill Superman one, which was brilliant by the way. However, The Direct wasn’t sure which post-credits scene would have ended up being shown first.

Black Adam deleted end-credits scene was going to set up Doctor Fate’s future


Credit: DC Studios

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This sequence which was scrapped from the movie, takes place during the day in what The Direct referred to as “a sandy location”. Here’s what The Direct had to say about this post-credits scene which ended up being deleted from the movie’s theatrical cut:

The opening shot slowly pans up from the ground to reveal Doctor Fate’s helmet siting atop the sand. A hand then comes into the frame to pick up The Helmet of Fate, although the scene quickly cuts to black before the identity of the mystery individual can be revealed.

Who could play Doctor Fate next in the DC Universe?

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So, one of the big questions about this scene is who was the person picking up Doctor Fate’s helmet? Black Adam’s climax saw Pierce Brosnan sacrifice himself in order to save the world and his good friend, Hawkman, from being annihilated by Sabbac. The interesting thing about the movie’s final battle is that Doctor Fate’s helmet ended up disintegrating in Hawkman’s hands. So, it would seem that either there’s going to be a new Doctor Fate in the DC Universe, which is very possible, or Pierce Brosnan’s Kent didn’t actually die in that scene.

We’re going to have to wait and see, and I truly hope we get to see Brosnan back as Doctor Fate because he was perfect in the role. Interestingly enough, director Jaume Collet-Serra and the Doctor Fate actor himself previously suggested “the door is open” for the magical hero to return to the DCU down the line, and “not everything is as it seems.”

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing more of Doctor Fate in the DC Universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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