James Gunn Comments On SnyderVerse Fan Movement

James Gunn has commented on the SnyderVerse fan movement and he’s got some pretty interesting things to say about it.

He revealed this to his 1.6 million fans on Instagram after he posted a behind-the-scenes picture of him working on The Suicide Squad.

One user, @rahulsssj posted a comment on Gunn’s picture claiming that fans didn’t want Peacemaker.

He said that all they really wanted was Zack Snyder’s DCEU projects.

Here’s what James Gunn replied:

No one asked for The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or Seinfeld either. That’s not how television or ideas or creativity works. Open up your mind to the possibilities of what you don’t know and your life will be more full.

User @rahulsssj then replied by saying that he’s not against James Gunn’s work.

James Gunn opens up about the SnyderVerse movement

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However, he did elude to the fan effort behind the #RestoreTheSnyderverse movement, and he revealed that he thought Warner Bros. Pictures should fulfill their promises to other creators before green lighting Gunn’s projects.

Gunn then replied:

Warners wanted to do what I wanted to do and I wanted to do this, that simple. You can’t have it both ways – you either want creators to have power, or you want creators to do only what you want them to do.

The user, @rahulsssj, then explained how Warner Bros. Pictures’ actions have prevented some creators from realising their visions.

However, Gunn explained that he had a different experience with WB.

Gunn said:

Yes so imagine if Zack wanted to make a Metamorpho show and you were on here complaining about that. Like I said, you can’t have it both ways. My creative choices aren’t dictated by the studio and they aren’t dictated by you either. Your actions are hypocritical.

Gunn was then called out on what he said and people asked if he thought that Zack Snyder’s millions of fans are also hypocritical.

Here’s what he replied:

What? Of course not. The people trying to restore the Snyderverse are fighting for a director’s choices – they aren’t on here simultaneously complaining about a director’s choices.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad?

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