James Gunn Blasts His New Assistant, Nathan Fillion

James Gunn Blasts His New Assistant Nathan Fillion

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy writer director James Gunn isn’t happy with his assistant, who also turns out to be the star of The Rookie, Nathan Fillion.

Currently the DC Studios co-CEO has been focusing on promoting his latest and possibly last film for Marvel. The press tour has generally been a lot of travel and interviews and such. So, it would be expected for Gunn to have his own assistant for him to get through each day.

Apparently, this assistant of his turns out to be one of his favourite collaborators, Nathan Fillion.

James Gunn Isn’t Happy With Nathan Fillion As His Assistant

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James Gunn recently posted on TikTok a short video showing his attitude towards his new assistant which is apparently his second only content on the social media platform. He added the label:

My new assistant is the pits.

@officialjamesgunn♬ original sound – OfficialJamesGunn

In the video you can see Gunn signing posters, telling Fillion to move the posters faster, saying:

All right, if you could just move them faster, please.

Listen, man. I gave you a good job in the movie, and you do a good job. I’m not saying you don’t do a good job, but other responsibilities come with me giving you a gig in the movie. You don’t want me to be accused of nepotism, do you?

While fans know that this is just friends being friends. It’s a funny, hilarious video especially when you know that they are close friends and have been for many years already.

The last line though regarding “nepotism” seems like a jab at people who accuse him for casting his wife Jennifer Holland on multiple DC projects, and she also shows up in a cameo role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

Gunn pointed out that the casting for her in Shazam! Fury of the Gods was not his decision. But in a cruel twist Dwayne Johnson backed out of the supposed cameo role as Black Adam which forced Safran to get Holland and Steve Agee to reprise their roles from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker.

Gunn has had family and friends be part of his projects. That is not really much of a surprise, especially with him. He hasn’t hidden the fact that he regularly collaborates with his brother Sean Gunn, and his friends Fillion and Michael Rooker. But he generally (most of the time) puts them in cameo roles.

Nathan Fillion Has Worked With Gunn On Several Occasions

James Gunn Blasts His New Assistant Nathan Fillion

Credit: James Gunn

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Nathan Fillion has starred in multiple projects under Gunn. Slither (2006), Super (2010), Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), The Suicide Squad (2021) and more recently Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (2023). In the first Guardians film, he was one of the alien prisoners, while in Vol 3, he has a more prominent role as Master Carja.

Fillion is still a star on his own. He is well-known a Mal Reynolds from the TV series Firefly (2002) and the movie spin-off Serenity (2005) from Joss Whedon. While the franchise was short lived, he and the rest of the cast were unforgettable.

Currently, he’s the main lead in ABC’s The Rookie. The show recently concluded its fifth season, but it has been confirmed that the show has been renewed for its sixth. He is also an executive producer of the spin-off titled The Rookie: Feds.

James Gunn Blasts His New Assistant Nathan Fillion

Credit: ABC

Gunn has already admitted that he plans to work with new actors and people he is familiar with in the new DC Universe that he is building. He said on Empire Online:

This cast are like my family. I cannot tell you how close I am to Chris Pratt and Pom [Klementieff] and Dave [Bautista] and Zoe [Saldaña] and Karen [Gillan]. But I also know I will work again with all those people individually again. (laughing) Probably at my other job.

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