James Gunn Argues With SnyderVerse Fans Over T-Shirt Tweet

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn got into an argument with SnyderVerse fans online because of his tweet about some T-Shirt. When Gunn took the role of DC Studios co-CEO with Peter Safran, there were hopes that he would continue the SnyderVerse, considering that he and Zack Snyder have been friends for many years now. While there were signs of the SnyderVerse being rebooted under DC Films, Gunn’s control over DC could save what was left of Snyder’s DCEU.

The announcement by Gunn that he would be directing a new Superman film without Henry Cavill dashed the hopes of many fans who were hoping for a return to the SnyderVerse. Add the fact that Dwayne Johnson who played Black Adam also announced on social media that he’s not part of the new universe Gunn is making. Plus, the DC head also confirmed that Ben Affleck who played Batman in many of Snyder’s DCEU films won’t be part of the new DC Universe as well.

SnyderVerse Fan Angry With DC Studios Head James Gunn

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A few days ago, James Gunn posted a picture of him with some of his Guardians of the Galaxy stars wearing shirts with his face printed on them. He said on Twitter:

About a year ago everyone showed up to set wearing a me shirt (made by my friend @NathanFillion).

Not long after, a person named Steve replied to Gunn’s post, saying:

Weird you post this when zack post a pic of his shirt.

Of course, this made Gunn wonder what this was all about. Because it all seems just out of the blue. Steve replied to clear things up by attaching a screenshot of Zack Snyder’s post on his Full Circle shirt, which is set to promote his event scheduled at the end of the month. It was also pointed out that this was posted on the same day as Gunn’s post.

Unless you guys have an umbilical cord that weirdly post same things at the same time.

And Gunn replied:

Are you saying Zack copied my post because both posts have T-shirts in them? Because that seems ridiculous.

It seems that Steve thinks that Gunn’s post is trying to make a point against Zack Snyder. Steve answered back:

NO, on the contrary, i find it very odd coincidental that anytime he posts something, you post something very similar to his with right timing. Not your first rodeo

And Gunn makes a good point by saying:

Wait how do you think I knew to post it two hours before Zack’s post??

James Gunn and Zack Snyder Are Friends And Fans Won’t Stop That


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While there are some people on Twitter who had the same sentiment as Steve, there are more people who were supportive of Gunn and told him not to engage with Steve.

Gunn has done nothing but is supportive of what Snyder has been doing recently. They are known to be friends, and they do talk about these things. They have worked before in the film Dawn of the Dead (2004), with Gunn writing the screenplay for Snyder’s directorial debut.

The DC Studios co-CEO can’t be at the Full Circle event because he’s going to be promoting Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Gunn has said that he will be donating to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in support of Snyder’s event, which will be held at the ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, California.

There are some people who are blowing things out of proportion. Some have speculated that Gunn may be trying to undermine the original creator of the DCEU. However, despite some fans being disappointed with the DC Universe reboot, many are eagerly anticipating what Gunn can bring to the table. With a track record of surprising audiences in his previous projects, there is excitement to see what he can achieve in the DC Universe.

Zack Snyder has been happily working on his own projects with two franchises in mind, the Army of the Dead and Rebel Moon. Snyder is currently busy creating his own universes on Netflix, and so far, he has no complaints, nor has he anything against Gunn’s DC reboot.

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