Brendan Fraser Jokes About Batgirl Cancellation


Brendan Fraser was going to be starring in the DC Comics movie, Batgirl as Firefly, and the actor has since joked about its cancellation. His joke was clearly aimed toward Warner Bros Discovery, and it’s very clear for everyone to see that he was not a fan of the studio’s decision to pull the movie from being released. It was a monumental moment in Hollywood history. Never before had a movie of this size been cancelled by one of the big Hollywood studios.

You can check out Fraser’s response in the tweet below when he’s asked during an interview what project he’s going to be working on next after The Whale is released. This was when he made a joke about the Batgirl movie.

Brendan Fraser joked about Batgirl being cancelled


Credit: HBO Max

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So, in a moment of pure genius and showmanship during this interview with I believe Variety, Brendan Fraser and The Whale’s scriptwriter, Samuel D. Hunter, were asked which project he was working on next. Hunter talked about a play he was working on, and when he was done, Brendan said: “Batgirl”, and he then looked puzzled and just said, “Oh”, and looked right down the camera’s lense. He looked rather confused and upset, and everyone in the room couldn’t stop laughing.

Brendan himself just laughed and looked at Samuel D. Hunter and said” Did I just…? I did, didn’t I?” Hunter told him that he did just do what he thought he had just done. Brendan then added: “Inside voice. Outside voice”. Honestly, this moment ended up making my week because I’ve ben pretty bummed about the movie being cancelled. I really don’t think it was the right move to make because the movie had already been shot and it sounded like it was going to be a lot of fun.

Should Warner Bros Discovery have cancelled the Batgirl movie?

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As I mentioned above, Brendan was going to be playing the movie’s villain, Firefly. He was going to be joined by the likes of Michael Keaton returning as Batman, J.K. Simmons returning as Comissioner Gordon and Leslie Grace was going to be playing the titular character, Batgirl – aka Barabara Gordon. I was really looking forward to seeing them all in action. However, it looks like that isn’t going to be happen anymore.

The movie was made for $90 million and it was going to be released straight to HBO Max. However, the new leadership at Warner Bros Disovery felt that the movie lacked the quality they are looking for with their DC Comics movies and TV shows. Turns out they just didn’t think the film would perform very well if they opted to release it in cinemas as opposed to straight to streaming. Personally, I’m not sure that would have been the case, but there’s no real way of knowing now.

What do you make of this news? Were you looking forward to watching the Batgirl movie before it was cancelled? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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