Henry Cavill Has Met With Marvel Studios In London

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Right, so here’s some interesting information for you guys – Henry Cavill was in the Disney offices in London a few weeks back and I’m being told that it was to meet with Marvel representatives in person. [Editor’s note: We received this information back in May, but opted not to publish it until we could verify the source.]

This comes to me from a source close to Disney.

What I was told was that Cavill and members of his team were meeting with people at Marvel Studios so that they could talk face to face.

Was this for an upcoming project? Well, I wasn’t told anything about that.

I was informed that Cavill visited Disney’s London offices and “was flanked by a number of people”.

My source went on to specify that Cavill was there to “have a chat with some of Marvel’s people in London”, and that he was very intent on seeing people “face-to-face”.

However, my source did add that everyone was adhering to the correct COVID-19 protocols, i.e. everyone were wearing masks in the building and social distancing as much as they could.

Henry Cavill and Marvel Studios have been talking


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Cavill’s been quite a busy guy of late.

He’s already been working on The Witcher Season 2, and it looks like Netflix wants to get the ball rolling on Season 3 asap.

It was also revealed that Cavill will be the lead in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming spy thriller film called Argylle.

However, he’s also attached to the Highlander reboot, another film called The Rosie Project and will be starring as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes 2.

So, could he really fit in a Marvel movie into all of that.

Well, knowing how hard-working Cavill is, I’m pretty sure he’ll make it work.

This all comes after there have been countless rumours that Marvel’s Kevin Feige is interested in getting Henry Cavill to play Captain Britain.

Now, I find that to be rather hard to believe given the fact that I was promised that role myself by Feige.

However, I must admit that he would be a very good choice for the role.

The only thing against him is the fact that his schedule is getting very busy and he is still technically Superman in the DCEU.

However, that could all change very quickly, especially given how much of a mess the DC Comics movies are in right now.

Will Cavill join the MCU?

mission-impossible-7-henry-cavill James Bond

Credit: Paramount Pictures

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So, will Henry Cavill end up joinng the MCU?

Well, it’s looking like both parties are interested in one another.

Again, it’ll come down to a lot of things.

There’s the question of Cavill’s busy schedule.

Can he really fit Marvel movies into it? I’m not so sure.

There’s also the question of payment.

Henry Cavill won’t come cheap, and Marvel’s been looking to cast lesser known actors in some of their newer roles recently.

Finally, there’s also the question of whether Cavill really does fit the part they have him in mind for.

If the stars align, then we could end up with Cavill in the MCU, possibly as Captain Britain.

It’s seems as though it’s a role Marvel is interested in bringing into the MCU at some point.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Henry Cavill in the MCU?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  1. Anonymous

    How does he have time to play another superhero? Isn’t he supposedly moving away from these roles and doing different things like the Rosie project and Twisted Crown the EL Dubois book? Both films are different, especially the latter. Curious to see what role he is playing in Twisted.

  2. Nakchak

    Or marvel are doing a 40k movie with games workshop (they just publishing comics set in 40k universe) , let him be an inquisitor, rouge trader, bounty hunter or a commissar anything but a spacemarine…

    Can’t see dc or warner letting superman join the mcu…

  3. Nakchak

    Or marvel are doing a 40k movie with games workshop (they just publishing comics set in 40k universe) , let him be an inquisitor, rouge trader, bounty hunter or a commissar anything but a spacemarine…

    Can’t see dc or warner letting superman join the mcu…

    • Burwhale_the_Avenger

      Frankly, I can’t think of any other actor right now who could play Captain Britain. Give him a blonde rinse and he looks like classic Alan Davis Brian Braddock.

  4. Anonymous

    Unfortunately I find Cavill to be an actor of limited capacity. He’s so dull as the Witcher, lacks charisma and charm. His Superman is my least favourite screen version so far. But he wasn’t bad in Mission Impossible as a bad guy.

    • Anonymous

      That means he has played the Witcher character brilliantly, he is supposed to be emotionally regrets as a Witcher is not supposed to show emotion he is supposed to be a bounty hunter that kills monsters and lifts curses !

    • Damien

      He played The Witcher role very well, then? Because your description of his acting is exactly what is expected from Geralt.

  5. Anonymous

    He will play captain Britain and will appear in the she hulk in an end credit before getting his own origins movie based in the 50s nor due to he released 2024

  6. Vin Sharveen

    Does anyone even remember Adam Warlock? I mean post credit scene guardian of the Galaxy 2? They wanted to bring out Adam but there’s no plan up until now abt it….I say let Henry be Adam Warlock. The character is like superman of the marvel universe, it fits perfectly.

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