Henry Cavill James Bond Odds Soar After Big Stars Drop Out


Henry Cavill could be the next James Bond as his odds soar after Eon Productions passed on Aaron Taylor-Johnson. As current odds add up, it appears that Henry Cavill is now the frontrunner for the chance to become the new James Bond. After Daniel Craig’s era, fans have been quite busy speculating and everything close to debating who will be his successor.

For quite some time now, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been tied with Henry Cavill to become the next 007. The people’s bet on their bid to become Bond, James Bond, has been at the odds of 5/2.

Current standings show their odds are pretty much still close but according to the British public, they would like to see Cavill more as 007 than any other actor. Add this to the latest decision of Eon Productions, and Cavill might just bag his next super spy character after Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle.

Henry Cavill Now Tops The Odds Of Being The Next 007

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Based on the odds indicated on Ladbrokes, Henry Cavill could be on top of the list. We reported earlier that Aaron Taylor-Johnson did meet with Eon Productions. It was said that he had a secret audition for James Bond.

Unfortunately, there are reports that Taylor-Johnson didn’t get the role. Because of this, Cavill has gone back to the top spot. After losing the role of DC’s Superman and The Witcher, this might be something that would help his career get back into shape. After all, many of his fans root for him to be the new 007.

This is not the first time he got on the list. Henry Cavill almost got the role of James Bond back in 2006. He was also a fan favourite at the time when Eon Productions was looking for a replacement for Pierce Brosnan. In the end, David Craig got the role instead.

Cavill told in a podcast interview with Josh Horowitz on Happy, Sad, Confused:

They told me it was ultimately down to, and this is what I have been told, it was just down to me and Daniel and I was the younger option.

The actor will turn 40 this year and yet again, it would seem that age will be the determining factor for him. This time his seasoned age might just cost him his chances at being Bond. Despite having the look and charm, Cavill might just miss the chance again.

Reports have indicated that franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are looking for a successor who is below 40 years of age. This is to ensure that the actor can still take on the role for another decade at the very least.

Fans of the actor can argue that he may end up being close to 50 when his last run as the super spy happens, but he sure won’t be looking the age. Judging by his current odds, which is much like a check-up on what the public thinks about the James Bond contenders, Cavill’s age won’t matter.

Will Henry Cavill Be Available To Take On The Role?


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While the actor has expressed interest in taking on the role, there is another factor to consider. That is, whether he is actually available to take on the role at all. With his current commitment to developing Warhammer 40K and other projects down his pipeline, one would definitely wonder if he actually has the time within the next few years.

Other actors in the Ladbrokes list include James Norton (The Nevers), Regé-Jean Page (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves), Tom Hardy (Venom) and several others. These are the current names that the British public has been willing to consider for the role. However, there may also be other actors who are actually vying for the part that hasn’t been made public yet.

For an iconic character such as James Bond, many factors have to be taken into consideration. And this decision will lie in the hands of Broccoli and Wilson. The question is: will they be swayed by the odds that the Ladbrokes are reflecting? Or do they have another name they are considering for the part?

What do you make of Henry Cavill’s odds of being the next James Bond? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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