James Gunn Confirms He Will Work With Margot Robbie Again


James Gunn has no doubts that he will be working with Margot Robbie again as he and co-CEO Peter Safran work on the new DC slate. The affirmation does, however, raise a few questions from fans that makes others think he may be letting fans in on information that they might not like eventually.

DC fans and followers know that Gunn does let his points of view out online, especially through his social media accounts. He has often spoken about his thoughts and dispelled rumours about his developing projects.

Gunn likes to keep fans updated with everything that’s going on over at DC Studios via his Twitter account. So, it’s no wonder that fans like to keep a close eye on what Gunn says over there.

So, Gunn’s Twitter account is where DC fans go for news on certain decisions he has made as they develop the new DC slate. As many still cannot wait to see what happens next, a lot are hoping to see their favourite characters and actors in the coming DCU. While some characters are officially declared to be subject to recast, some fans need assurances that their favourite actors keep their roles in the future.

James Gunn Says He Surely Will Work With Margot Robbie Again

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As for how people get updated on Gunn and his decisions, a Twitter exchange recently shows he would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Margot Robbie yet again. The fan asked:


The user added a black and white photo of him and Robbie among the crew in a behind-the-scenes snapshot to their tweet. Gunn replied:

For sure.

While this appears as a reassurance that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will have a place in future projects with James Gunn, some fans who want the nitty gritty specifics are asking:

  1. Does he mean working with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the future DCU? or
  2. Does he mean he for sure would work with her for ANOTHER ROLE in the future DCU? or
  3. Does he mean he for sure would work with her in the future after he is done with the DCU?

It is one thing for a filmmaker to say that he would like to work with an actor again. It’s another for him to say it would be for the same role under the same franchise.

Although we may actually be just overthinking, and he does mean that he would for sure like to work with Margot Robbie again as Harley Quinn in the future DCU, in turn, it opens to other questions too. It goes back to questions like why keep some actors for the same roles and drop key actors for key DC characters?

We don’t have to say Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill for Batman and Superman, though. Whoops! I just did. But for whatever reasons, what’s happened has happened and what’s developing remains to be something to look forward to. And as DC fans, we are back to hoping for the best.

James Gunn Affirms Margot Robbie In DC Future


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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We don’t find it surprising to learn that Gunn is looking forward to working with Margot Robbie again in the future. The actress was phenomenal as Harley from the very first time we saw her in the 2016 Suicide Squad. She and her character practically was the reason why people’s interest got piqued for 2020 Bird Of Prey which had the original title of Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.

And, of course, James Gunn’s own The Suicide Squad in 2021 painted her as a character who has become strong enough to see the ‘red flags’ and do something about it early on in the relationship. It was interesting to note that even though she was in Gunn’s squad, there wasn’t a clear indication that it was in the same universe as the first movie.

That connection can be left in interpretation. Multiverse, what can we say? Even though Peacemaker fortifies his connection with the Justice League, they can always just say it was in a highly similar universe, but just not entirely.

Gunn’s response would also be open to the possibility of Robbie becoming another character. However, with all the potential that her Harley has, such as Gotham City Sirens or even the chance to introduce a new Poison Ivy for the DCU, we are keen to think she will be in the DCU as more than Joker’s ex but as a Harley Quinn with a reputation of her own.

Do you think James Gunn meant that his confirmation to work with Margot Robbie again means her Harley Quinn in future DCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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