Reports On Henry Cavill’s Firing From The Witcher Are ‘Completely False’


It’s been revealed to us that the recent reports stating that Henry Cavill was fired from Netflix’s The Witcher for ‘toxic’ behaviour on set are “completely false”. These reports stemmed from an episode of a podcast called Deux/U (by DeuxMoi), in which it was claimed that they were sent a message from an ‘insider’ that stated Henry Cavill engaged in toxic behaviour on the set of The Witcher, especially towards women.

DeuxMoi then added that, according to her source, Cavill also tried to get complete scenes re-written without informing the showrunner or anyone else on set. The reported insider claimed that Cavill was actually fired from the Netflix show after repeatedly being cautioned about his “toxic, gamer-bro” like behaviour.

They stated that it became very difficult to work with Cavill, especially for the female members of the cast and crew. However, it does have to be stated that the insider said that none of this reported toxic behaviour towards women was sexual in nature.

Henry Cavill did not engage in toxic behaviour towards women on the set of The Witcher


Credit: Netflix

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Moreover, the insider stated that “someone on the show” compared Cavill’s alleged gamer bro radicalization to “watching someone get brainwashed by QAnon.” They then added that the final straw for Cavill reportedly came when he began to override showrunner Lauren Hissrich and “get changes made last minute across the board without her knowledge.”

However, I’ve been doing some digging into all of this, because we did receive a similar tip before DeuxMoi’s podcast episode went live, and we decided not to publish it because the allegations were unsubstantiated and we weren’t able to verify what this person was telling us.

I reached out to Cavill’s representation, as well as Netflix’s, and they opted not to comment on the allegations made against Cavill. However, I also spoke to a source with very close ties to The Witcher’s production, and they stated that the reports of Cavill’s toxic behaviour on the set of the hit Netflix series are “completely false”. Here’s what they had to say on the matter:

The reports are completely false. Cavill was always very professional. Him leaving the show had nothing to do with his working relationship with the cast and crew of the series, and as far as I’m aware, he wasn’t fired.

Cavill’s decision to leave was a ‘career decision’

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I did ask for a bit more information about why he left, and all they were able to tell me was that it was a “career decision” on Cavill’s behalf.

This then leads me to speculate that the real reason Cavill left the show was actually to start working on something that he might think would do more to progress his career, and that could have been starring and producing the Warhammer 40K series for Amazon Prime Video.

That was huge news that was revealed not too long ago, and it looks like Cavill and his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, will be working on the series together. So, it really does seem as though him leaving Netflix’s The Witcher was a career move more than anything else.

Bring on the Warhammer cinematic universe


Credit: Games Workshop

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He would have wanted to ensure that he had enough time to devote himself solely to that series and developing the huge world that it looks like Amazon wants to make with Warhammer.

So, in other words, Cavill and Viscuso are going to be the Kevin Feiges of the Warhammer cinematic universe, which would be very appealing to Cavill since he’s a huge fan of the brand.

What do you make of this report? Do you believe the allegations that Henry Cavill engaged in toxic behaviour toward women on the set of The Witcher? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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