10 Greatest Sports Movies Of All Times


Sports movies are full of action and dramas, but at the same time, they are inspirational too.

You might have seen many movies in your life that changed the way of seeing the world, but sports zoner are those kinds of movies that give us goosebumps.

So, here we present some of the greatest sports movies of all time.

It will be a different listicle as we have also mentioned those names that have not performed well at the box office but made a special place in the audience’s heart.

Additionally, we have mentioned some sports movies other than Hollywood which deserve global recognition.

Top 10 Evergreen Sports Movies Of All Time

1) Rocky


Credit: MGM Studios

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Rocky is an American Drama movie related to boxing.

The director of the movie is John G. Avildsen, whereas Sylvester Stallone is the writer and main leading character as well.

The story focuses on boxer Rocky Balboa, an uneducated, kind-hearted, working-class Italian-American who is a small-time club fighter.

He got the chance to fight in a World Heavyweight championship.

His journey of becoming a champion inspires us to pursue the things we want through in our lives.

Now, talking about the success rate, Rocky was made with a budget of $1 million and achieved a record-breaking box office collection of $225 million globally.

This made it the highest-grossing movie in 1976. Before that, no sports movie achieved this milestone.

After the huge success of Rocky, the makers decided to introduce the sequel of Rocky named Rocky Balboa.

It focuses on the ex-heavyweight champion Rocky, who decides to go in the ring for the second time.

Rocky once again fights with the young current champion and decides to retire after that.

Both parts of this movie are worth watching and inspire about life with a lesson that it’s never too late.

2) Remember The Titans

This is an American biographical sports film based on coach Herman Boone’s true story.

He attempted to integrate the T.C. William High School football team in 1971, situated in Alexandria, Vergina.

Remember the Titans starred Denzel Washington, who played the role of coach Herman Boone.

Ryan Hurst and Wood Harris played as athletes.

The movie was directed by Boaz Yakin, and the producer was Jerry Bruckheimer and released on September 19, 2000.

Remember The Titans was made with a budget of $30 million and gained a profit of $115.6 million in the U.S. and $113 million worldwide.

The numbers themselves show the success rate of the film and changed the sports movie zoner forever.

3) The Sandlot


Credit: 20th Century Fox

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The Sandlot is a sports comedy movie, but a very inspirational story is there.

It is based on young baseball players during the summer of 1962.

This movie focuses on a young boy in Los Angeles whose mother encourages him to make friends in the neighbourhood.

So, he decided to join the local group of boys who play baseball.

But he faces embarrassment as he doesn’t know how to catch and throw the ball.

His attempt to learn the skills is inspiring, and the whole movie is full of humour.

The Sandlot has earned $4 million in the opening weak, $32 million through ticket sales, and $76 million worldwide.

The success shows the craze of The Sandlot.

4) Dangal

Dangal is the story of a Phogat family, well known for their achievements in wrestling.

The movie focuses on the struggle of Mahavir Singh Phogat, who is keen to have an International Gold Medal.

It is the very inspirational journey of Gita Phogat and Babita Phogat to become wrestlers and win the gold medal in the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

The movie stars legendary actor Amir Khan portraying Mahavir  Singh Phogat, Fatima Sana Shaikh as Gita Kumari Phogat, and Sanya Malhotra as Babita Kumari Phogat.

Dangal was directed by Siddharth Roy Kapur under the Amir Khan Production.

On a budget of $10.42 million, the movie has earned about $311 to $330 million worldwide.

On this basis, Dangal became the highest-grossing Indian film and the sixth highest-grossing non-English movie.

The massive success made it the 18th highest-grossing movie worldwide.

5) Raging Bull


Credit: United Artists

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Raging Bull is a movie about a boxer named Jake LaMotta who steps into the ring for the prize.

Ultimately he starts fighting with his family and friends and realizes later that he is doing something.

The tale covers all his failures and success and how he changed himself.

Directed by Martin Scorsese under the banner of Chartoff-Winkler Production, Raging Bull is an inspirational movie.

It was made under a budget of $18 million and has done the business of approx $23 million worldwide.

6) The Bad News Bears

The sports drama, The Bad News Bears is a fantastic sports movie directed by Michael Ritchie and written by Bill Lancaster.

The story tells about former minor league Mr. Buttermaker who trains his ex-girlfriend’s daughter to become the best baseball player.

The Bad News Bears has scored an IMDB reading of 7.3 in the sports comedy zone. Its gross collection at the box office is 32.2 million across the globe.

7) Hoosiers


Credit: Orion Pictures

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Hoosiers is an American sports movie released in 1989.

Written by Angelo Pizza and directed by David Anspaugh.

This is the story of an Indiana High School basketball team that wants to win a state championship.

Their journey gives learning about how you should pursue your goal in critical circumstances.

The movie has crossed the $28.6 million box office collection worldwide with a minor investment of only $6 million.

The movie has got 169 and 60 critics reviews that making it worth watching.

This movie provoked many sports fans to bet on sports on SBO BET.

8) Miracle

Based on a true story, Miracle is inspired by an ice hockey team.

The coach of the team, Herb Brooks, trains kids for the Soviet Union Olympics.

The storyline contains sensitive issues in society and how the team played an important role in settling the cold war through the game.

With An estimated budget of $28 million, the movie has earned approximately $19 million, and the total box office collection was about $64 million in the USA and Canada.

Talking about worldwide collections, Miracle had a record-breaking collection of $64.4 million at that time.

9) Caddyshack


Credit: Warner Bros.

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Caddyshack is an American Sports movie directed by Harold Ramis and written by Brian Doyle-Murray.

It is a classic comedy sports film that never gets old.

It was the directorial debut of Ramis that boosted his career.

This movie has a satisfactory rating of 7.2 stars out of 10 on IMDB.

With a budget of $6 million, Caddyshack has earned more than $39 million worldwide, which is a great achievement for ‘R’ rated movies.

10) Slap Shot

Slap Shot is a 1977 American sports comedy movie written by Nancy Down and directed by George Roy Hill.

This is the story of a minor league Ice hockey team that adopts violent play to gain popularity in the town.

According to IMDB, the movie has scored 7.3 stars out of 10.

And if we talk about financial success, then Slap Shot was made with an estimated budget of $6 million and earned about $28 million worldwide.


The top 10 greatest sports movies listed above are based on worldwide popularity and success at the box office collection.

These movies are the ultimate creation ever and still give goosebumps whenever you watch them.

You can find some of them on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

And if you live in countries, where Netflix is restricted or you want to change the region, you can use one of the special VPN services for Netflix.

Sports-based movies aren’t easy to get popular, but some of these movies proved it wrong.

So, go for watching these all sports movies one by one if you need some inspiration in your career and life.


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