Is A Rocky Prequel Series Coming To Streaming Services?


Sylvester Stallone on Instagram is quite interesting to follow.

Sly shares so many behind-the-scenes never before seen imagery and commentary from some of his most iconic films.

He’s also very open to replying to comments from fans alike, & recently confirmed he will not be in the upcoming Creed 3, which is to be directed by star Michael B Jordan.

What’s most interesting however is his most recent post this week, regarding a Rocky prequel series within the works.

Stating it was early days and that just that morning, “I started out this morning by writing a treatment for a Rocky prequel for Streaming”.

A Limited Rocky Series?

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Going on to give further details noting he aims for a 10-episode arc that will follow younger versions of the characters we came to love ever since the 1976 release of Rocky.

This would include Adrian who was played by Talia Shire in the first 5 films, Paulie originally played by Burt Young.

And who can forget the critically acclaimed performances from Burgess Meredith as a father figure and trainer to Rocky, Micky.

Fans will hope we also get to see perhaps a few early moments for Apollo Creed who was brilliantly cast with Carl Weathers in the role.

The making of Rocky Balboa set in the ’60s


Credit: Disney

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He goes onto detail the background for the series which would be set during a time of historical events including, The Cold War, The Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

“Needless to say, the ’60s were a dynamic time” his handwritten notes show.

He goes further to note the characters will be in a time of social upheaval and that we’d be seeing a path that led to Rocky in the first film.

A character who is a “lost soul” until he transforms into a “winner”.

You can see more imagery and details from his initial written treatment via his Instagram @officialslystallone.

The film, Rocky famously won 3 Academy Award’s including ‘Best Picture’ and knocked up an emphatic 10 nominations.

These also included ‘Best Original Screenplay’ and ‘Best Actor’ for Sylvester Stallone, ‘Best Actress’ for Talia Shire and both Burt Young and Burgess Meredith received nods for ‘Best Supporting Actor’.

The series went on to eight sequels Rocky II (1979), Rocky III (1982), Rocky VI (1985), Rocky V (1990), Rocky Balboa (2006), Creed (2015), Creed II (2018) and Creed III (2022).

Six of the films were written by Sylvester Stallone himself, 4 directed by him and there is surely no one better to craft a strong prequel to the series, than this man.

We’ll keep you updated here at Small Screen on this project as it progresses, but I’m sure there are already heads turning at streaming platforms such as HBO Max and Netflix about getting involved in the project.

What do you think of the news?

Would you like to see a Rocky prequel?

Or should the characters be left alone after so many sequels?

Let us know in the comments below.


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