Grant Gustin Teases The Flash And Batwoman Crossover

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It’s been revealed by Grant Gustin that The Flash and Batwoman might end up getting a crossover episode of sorts.

He told Entertainment Weekly that he’s a huge fan of what Javicia Leslie’s been doing on The CW’s Batwoman show.

However, Gustin did also reveal that this won’t be your usual kind of team-up.

These DC Comics CW shows have done a lot of crossovers in the past.

Yet, it sounds like they’re thinking of doing something slightly different moving forward.

What Gustin did confirm was that Leslie was on The Flash’s set, so we should expect to see her in the upcoming season of the speedster’s show.

The Flash and Batwoman might get a crossover episode

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Here’s what Gustin told Entertainment Weekly about a possible The Flash/Batwoman crossover episode:

Without spoiling too much, it’s not going to be what everybody would expect. By the time we’ve crossed paths on the show, it’s not going to be a typical Flash and Batwoman team-up I think is all I can really say. It was great having Javicia on set, great working with her. We’ve hooked up off set. She’s trained with my wife, actually, and we’ve hung out from time to time, and I really like her. So, it was cool to actually be on set with her. But, it’s not going to be the Flash-Batwoman team-up, per se, that people are probably expecting.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing this The Flash and Batwoman crossover/team-up?

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