Gina Carano Cara Dune Star Wars Role To Be Recast


Gina Carano’s Star Wars role, Cara Dune, might get recast after all. Giant Freakin Robot reports that Lucasfilm is currently considering a new actress to take the role.

Almost two years ago, Lucasfilm announced that Carano would not appear in future Star Wars projects. She was removed because of her controversial posts that she had made on social media. This was a big blow to Carano’s career.

Carano’s character Cara Dune stood out in The Mandalorian. She was one of the favourites that they introduced in the show. There were even fan campaigns to keep the former MMA for Dune. But there were also suggestions on who Lucasfilm could consider. Why not give the role to established actresses like Lucy Lawless (Battlestar Galactica) or Lana Parrilla (Once Upon A Time)?

But unfortunately, it was announced that there was no plan to recast Cara Dune. It was not only bad for Carano’s career, but it also affected Lucasfilm’s plans for her character. There were plans to make a spin-off series titled Rangers of the New Republic starring the titular character. It was even hinted in The Mandalorian that Cara Dune had an open invitation to join the New Republic.

Gina Carano’s Role Cara Dune Could Be Recast

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But since Carano’s removal from the franchise, the development of Rangers of the New Republic has dwindled down. So much so that people speculated the show had been cancelled.

In November 2021, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy did confirm to Empire Magazine that plans for Rangers of the New Republic would be put into The Mandalorian instead.

Technically, the Cara Dune is no more. And we were supposed not to hear about her again.

Apparently, Dune’s character is too hard to ignore. After two years since removing Carano and the character from Star Wars, Lucasfilm is now reported to be open to recasting her.

It was a surprise to hear for many. But one example could be James Gunn. Disney fired him in 2018 from Marvel after some old offensive posts resurfaced and questioned his personality.

It delayed the plans for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, and it did affect the actors who have been very supportive of Gunn. After one year, Disney rehired Gunn to continue Guardians and even added a Christmas special.

Does this give Gina Carano a chance of possibly being hired again to come back as Cara Dune? Not really, because Gunn’s posts were old, and it doesn’t reflect who he is now and how he performed while working under Marvel and Disney.

Carano’s posts were more recent and there are still some issues that she will still fight for. So, this could cause some conflict between Carano and Disney.

Cara Dune Might Still Have A Future In Star Wars

Gina Carano Cara Dune Star Wars Role To Be Recast

Credit: Lucasfilm

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Meanwhile, recasting is not something Kathleen Kennedy has been keen on after what happened with Solo: A Star Wars Story. But then, Lucasfilm’s president might have little weight these days.

There are reports that Kennedy could leave her position after the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. The movie is set to release this June 30, 2023.

This is earlier than originally planned since her contract is set to end in 2024. Because of this, it’s possible that there are other factors why Lucasfilm is considering recasting Dune.

There have been no official announcements as of yet. So, we have to wait and see how this all pans out. But it is good news that there is a possibility that Dune could have her time to shine again.

Dune’s future might be bigger than what we originally would have been led to believe.

What do you think of the idea that Cara Dune might be recast? Who do you think would fit the role? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Jay Arnold

    No way they will recast Cara Dune. They know full well the role was written specifically for Gina Carano, and nobody else would be believable in the role. Recasting would simple lead to further contempt and outrage toward LucasFilm. They already screwed up bad. Racasting would only make it worse.

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