George Lucas Reveals His Sequel Trilogy Would Have Featured Leia As The Chosen One

There’s a new book which is making the rounds on the Internet which revealed that George LucasStar Wars sequel trilogy would have featured Leia as the Chosen One. This was part of an unused Star Wars sequel trilogy treatment that Geroge Lucas came up with.

This little tidbit of news was revealed in Star Wars Archives: Eps I-III: 1999-2005 by Paul Duncan. It features interviews with Lucas himself. Parts of the book were leaked on Reddit/Star Wars Leakes (via Screen Rant).

According to these leaks, Lucas’ big idea of his new sequel trilogy would have revealed a pretty big change to the Chosen One prophecy. Lucas reportedly revealed that Leia would have been the true Chosen One and would have brought balance to the Force.

The book reads, “By the end of the trilogy Luke would’ve rebuilt much of the Jedi, and we would have the renewal of the New Republic, with Leia, Senator Organa, becoming the Supreme Chancellor in charge of everything. So she ended up being the Chosen One.”

Leia Organa was going to be the actual Chosen One in George Lucas’ Star Wars sequel trilogy

Star Wars George Lucas Princess Leia

Credit: Lucasfilm

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This does sound like a very different story to the one we ended up getting in the Disney-made Star Wars sequel trilogy which ended up creating a whole host of new characters. That said, Leia did play an important part in the new Disney Star Wars trilogy.

She ended up leading the Resistance against the evil First Order and was referred to as General Organa as opposed to Princess Leia. She ended up dying in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.

Some hardcore Star Wars fans might not have liked the idea of seeing Leia revealed to be the actual Chosen One because they do like the fact that Anakin Skywalker was in the end revealed to be the one who brought balance to the Force.

As far as I’m concerned, that was a pretty good story arch. However, you could argue that the Disney sequel Star Wars trilogy also ended up messing up that prophesy because it was revealed that Darth Sidious was still alive and he was finally destroyed by Rey – a Palpatine, not a Skywalker.

What do you make of this news? Would you have liked to have seen this George Lucas sequel Star Wars trilogy in which Leia was going to be the Chosen One? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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