The New Role: The Way Gaming Technologies Are Changing The World

If you look around, you will see that the world has changed drastically in the last years. Things that we saw in fantastic movies back in days are an integral part of our daily life, even if we don’t realize it to the fullest. It may seem that high technologies are still out of reach for an average person, but it is not the case anymore. It is worth just looking closely at things you have already been used to. Thus, social networks recommend new friends and ads that meet your needs and this is not a problem to buy an essay online or any other thing needed. For example, you can be offered to try your hand at betting if you are into such things. Instant messengers are full of chatbots that can suggest you a profitable bank deposit, while a navigator shows you the way, etc. You have already been used to all these things and have stopped treating them as something extraordinary. And gaming technologies are changing the world nowadays the same way as is transforming the student world for the better. They have already contributed to the development of various life spheres. Thus, traditional teaching methods cannot compete with new formats based on IT solutions. And it is just one of the examples you can come across.

Facial and voice recognition

The Oculus Rift could be the future of VR Gaming

Credit: Oculus

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People are still amazed that 3D scanning and facial recognition provide a gamer with a chance to create their prototype in the game, so their character may look like their twin. However, these technologies are used in daily life. The simplest example relates to unlocking the phone via facial identification. Nowadays, they have started creating games that can adjust to the player’s facial expressions thanks to the ultrasensitive 3D camera. And talking about voice recognition, it has already been used in the form of voice-controlled games. Nonetheless, this technology is no longer a prerogative of the gaming industry only. Modern devices can recognize and follow voice commands, so your capabilities are not limited to switching on and off the console. You can react to the actions that happened in the game, communicate on social networks, search the Internet, etc. Voice commands to your gadgets are no longer an impressive moment in a fantasy movie.

Awesome graphics and high-def displays

Is the future of gaming really going to be VR

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The gaming industry changes rapidly and makes other spheres keep up with it. They have created advanced gaming technologies to provide their users with the most awesome gaming experience possible. A modern player has all chances to immerse themselves in the gaming process thanks to the top-quality realistic environment. The same principle has been applied to marketing and graphics in general – everyone wants to achieve an incredible involvement of their clients. Besides, improved gaming graphics have affected the digital market. Thus, everyone wants to get a TV or a laptop with 4K or 8K capabilities to enjoy the top-quality picture. In general, most people pay attention to the visual component, whether it is about the top betting site, an online store, an online video game or a website of the writing service you turn to asking: “ Will you do my homework online?”

Virtual and augmented realities

Is VR the future

Credit: Oculus

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The line between digital and physical worlds has become more transparent in recent years. And if people used plain drawings to understand something better, now they can get inside the 3D reality and examine it from all sides possible. Even though virtual reality gaming consoles haven’t become commonplace yet, the developers move in this direction. Thus, the new PS5 can please its users with a chance to try their hand at VR. Everyone wants to get such a gaming experience and immerse themselves in the game. And while VR technologies have a more entertaining character, for the most part, augmented reality has already entered the learning process. People use AR not only to play Pokémon Go but also to study anatomy and other complicated subjects, getting better understanding of the field, there is no more need to tell: “write me a paper” because it isn’t a problem any more. Special applications make this technology available for everyone, so the studying process undergoes great changes nowadays. VR and AR technologies can provide the tools to recreate the Large Hadron Collider in the physics class, making it a really interesting subject.

Gamification of the studying process

The VR gaming space is going to be a game-changer

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Nowadays, sound knowledge is not enough to become the key to success. Students should train the flexibility of thinking, quickly learn new information, and adapt to the environment’s changes without a need to beg somebody: “do my essay for me, please!” Games are increasingly being used to develop these skills. Gamification is about the appliance of gaming elements in non-game situations. Well, actually, games have always remained a part of the educational process in one way or another. And even though tools have changed, the principle has remained the same. Thus, ignoring the advanced gaming industry’s possibilities at all levels is like denying the “digital revolution.”

Main advantages

fit gaming

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Some people perceive computer games as a waste of time at best and dangerous addiction at worst. Stories with unhappy endings are more common in social media. And the results of research on the advantages of gamification of education rarely go beyond the teaching community. However, in a deeper sense, gamification does not imply the game itself, but the use of game thinking and game dynamics.

  • By following a dynamic game scenario, students train their concentration and ability to react to real-time events.
  • Bright and colourful game worlds are emotionally engaging. Engagement helps you learn more quickly and better remember a large amount of information.
  • In the game world, it is easy to represent abstract concepts in the form of objects, which makes them tangible and understandable.

Development of socialization skills

Gaming Headset

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An example of gamification is the educational edition of Minecraft. The game mechanics with complete freedom of action allows you to build anything from cubes. Biology teachers can give the task to “build” a model of an organ, while history teachers can ask you to create a medieval castle. The need to study a paragraph from the textbook before proceeding to the task is no longer a boring duty, but part of an exciting process. The next logical level of education gamification is to use the possibilities of mentioned virtual and augmented realities, which provide a qualitatively new level of visibility and safety. Immersive 360 ​​° videos take students anywhere in the world. Besides, students learn how to interact productively and develop their social skills and leadership qualities.


Here's how you'll be able to Flash games ever after 2020

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Modern gaming technology makes everything more enjoyable, functional and motivating. Computer games help gain new knowledge and develop the skills necessary to adapt to the new world.

Video games are not limited to first-person shooters but imply variety, where there is a place for auto and flight simulators, team role-playing games, and real-time strategies. By competing in different games, esports players develop their intellectual abilities. Besides, you can use a pile of websites to get the best out of this activity. The DOTA 2 tournament, in this sense, is on a par with the chess tournament. Besides, esports develop soft skills that help effectively handle professional issues. It is about finding a common language and cooperating with people from different parts of the world, the ability to think outside the box, quickly assess the situation, and make strategically correct decisions.

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