Gabriel Luna Wants To Play Ezra Bridger In Ahsoka Series

Gabriel Luna has starred in Terminator: Dark Fates and Agents Of SHIELD and it looks like he’s now set his sights on the Star Wars franchise as he revealed to us that he wants to play Ezra Bridger in the upcoming Ahsoka Tano Star Wars series.

He revealed this to us during an interview at MCM Comic Con when we asked him which franchise would he like to be a part of next.

Here’s what Luna had to say on the matter:

I think that’s very clear, the only thing that’s left is Star Wars, and I’ve made it very clear to Dave [Filoni] and Carrie [Beck] and everyone over there what my aspirations are. I wrote a whole full two-page letter to Dave and Carrie about my deep love for Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels. That’s not saying anything’s happening with that character. That’s not at all as far as I know. I definitely wanted to have a preemptive strike when it comes to my hat in the ring for that, so I just wrote them a letter about how much I love that character.

Gabriel Luna sent a letter to Dave Filoni about wanting to play Ezra Bridger

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Luna then explained what he loved about that character:

My last name’s Luna, so the two moons of Lothal, and his attachment to animals which I really have a similar vibration to him [Ezra]. So, Star Wars is all that’s left, then I’m set.

We are 100% the idea of Luna playing Bridger in the upcoming Ahsoka Tano series.

There have been rumours that Mena Massoud might be up for that role, but nothing official yet.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Gabriel Luna get to play Ezra Bridger in live-action in the upcoming Ahsoka Tano series?

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