Here’s Your Complete Guide To FIFA 20 Summer Heat Promotion

FIFA 20’s Summer Heat promo is officially on. The first batch of players was released on June 17, while upgrades, SBCs, and more gifts will be released in the next two months.

Summer Heat comes as a replacement of the Team of the Season So Far (TOTSSF) promotion but will feature a lot more rewards.

Summer Heat—What to Expect?


Virgil Van Dijk in FIFA 20 – Credit: EA Games

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Summer Heat is a new promotion from FIFA 20. Traditionally, TOTSSF is followed by the FUTTIES or the Festival of Futball.

But this year, EA is shaking up things to have a promo that will see the return of Squad Building Challenges—aka SBCs.

While announcing Summer Heat, EA also suggested it will present special cards, Headliners, FUTmas, and Ultimate Scream rewards.

There will also be challenges, Ones to Watch, and the return of Moments Players.

Will these items impact Pro-Gamers?

Most probably. Players who receive upgraded items will undoubtedly perform better in competitions.

So, watch out how eSports professionals’ records change during this period.

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It will help you choose bookmakers wisely and learn what tournaments offer the best betting opportunities.

How to Claim Summer Heat Offers?


Have you played FIFA 20 yet? – Credit: EA Games

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After launching the event on June 17, watch for offers on selected days from 6 pm BST.

They are available for 24 hours.

But that means they will come in small quantities. In the usual FIFA 20 style, the best products might not come cheap.

However, there will be plenty of free packs as well.

Summer Heat Voting

According to EA, fans will decide through voting which player items the developer should give boosted winner items.

The voting process will be straightforward. EA will place a player pick pack in your account.

Inside the pack will be three nominees for the ongoing competition.

You’ll then have a choice to pick one of these players, and whomever you choose will be treated as your vote.

After all, votes are calculated, the winning player will be availed as an upgraded SBC.

The first two runner-up nominees will be featured on FUT Draft exclusively.

Showdown Special Items

Every week, there will be a highlight of a real-world football game. FIFA 20 will then select two players from the match and create player items around them.

The player from the winning side will get a lifetime +3 OVR stat boost. If the highlighted game was a draw, the selected players will receive an OVR boost of +1 each.

‘Best of’ Promos to Return

The Best of promo series is coming back this summer. In the usual style, the best items from past promotions will be offered through FUT 20 packs.

Beware, though, the ‘Best of’ packs will be released three times only, and the first batch was revealed on June 17.

In case you miss out on the ‘Best of’, though, watch out for fan favourites.

EA says these items will be availed through objectives and Squad Building Challenges.

It didn’t announce the specific dates you can expect them, but you can be assured they will be available.

Loyalty Reward Packs

How loyal are you to FIFA 20? You will find out once EA starts to unveil loyalty pack rewards.

Claiming these items won’t be a challenge, though.

All you’ll need is to log into your account.

New gamers who’ve logged into their account 9-60 days consecutively will get the smallest pack: Jumbo Premium Gold.

The second group must have logged into their account 61+ days and will receive the Prime Gold pack.

The third category is reserved for gamers who’ve logged into FIFA 20 daily for 148+ days.

They will receive the Rare Mega Pack.

The final pack will be availed to everyone who’s logged into their account 235+ days.

As you would expect, they will get the best pack: The Ultimate pack.

Weekend League Rewards

FIFA 20 has a history of releasing some of its best packs on the weekends.

This year’s Summer Heat campaign won’t be different.

The Weekend League is back and will reveal special items curated from the entire FUT 20 campaign.

The items will be given out based on your Weekend League Rank.

If you’re in the top 100, for example, you’ll get a pack of Best of 11 players with 90+ ratings.

In the Elite 1-3 categories, the reward will be a Best of 3 players with 90+ ratings.

Gold category members will receive one player rated 90+.

More Opportunities

The Summer Heat promotion will attract a lot of gamers’ attention.

To spice it up, EA will have exclusive rewards for players with the longest sessions.

First, it will award items to gamers with the most sessions between June 17 and June 28.

It will add more rewards for people with the most sessions between June 17 and July 12.

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