These Are The Latest Trends In Sports Betting

2020 hasn’t been a good year for the sports betting industry.

It’s been better off for the online sector compared to their land-based counterparts.

But overall, most bookmakers are making much less in profits than they did last year.

Global lockdowns and cancelled sports are the main reasons for decreased sports betting activities.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s been entirely down.

Quite the contrary, these trends prove online sports betting is one of the most resilient industries ever.

Esports Betting

eSports betting is growing in popularity

eSports betting is growing in popularity – Credit: Pexels

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When most countries cancelled sports earlier this year, one sport remained active: Electronic sports.

For the uninitiated, eSports describes the world of competitive video game competitions.

It started in the early ’70s, but it only became a mainstream idea in the last several years.

Lately, video game competitions have become part of the sports betting sector.

That means you can find and bet on your favourite pro-gamers on popular betting websites.

Many sportsbooks support major video game competitions, mainly organized, established tournaments.

They include the Fortnite World Cup, PUBG’s regional games, FIFA20, League of Legends and CS: GO.

With most sports cancelled in 2020, eSports have been the most popular games on betting sites.

The competitions take place online, so there’s been no disruption.

Player-Centric Bets

Sports betting is still doing well despite the coronavirus pandemic - Credit: Pexels

Sports betting is still doing well despite the coronavirus pandemic – Credit: Pexels

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The globalization of football has helped forge many trends in the betting sector.

The latest among them is a tendency for people to bet on players rather than teams. Take Cristiano as an example.

For the last couple of years, there’s been a tremendous rise of bets related to the Juventus forward.

Consequently, there’s also a rise in Juventus wagers, a significant growth compared to the trend before CR7 arrived.

Across Europe, Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah and Kyle Mbappe are other superstars that have been making waves on betting websites.

You see, people like to wager on outcomes they believe they can predict correctly.

For example, they know Messi is a legendary scorer and feel inclined to bet on him to score.

In basketball, some people would rather wager on star individuals such as Lebron James as opposed to teams whose performances they are not sure.

Welcome Bonuses


We miss the thrill of sports and betting – Credit: Pexels

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If you’ve been paying attention to sportsbooks, they are exceedingly generous nowadays.

Some give you free bets when you provide an email address.

Others offer to match your first deposit or to double it.

The growing trend is a result of stiff competition in the sports betting sector.

There’s a new betting site almost every month.

And because they all want your attention; they’ve resulted in competing on who’s willing to give out the most freebies.

So, should you claim bookies’ bonuses?

Yes, but once you understand how to use them accordingly.

Use this guide to discover all you need to know about sports betting.

One of the most helpful tips it offers is how to identify quality bonuses so that you can use them to increase your profits.

ACCA Multipliers and Early Withdrawals


Sports betting needs to get back on track – Credit: Pexels

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ACCA in sports betting refers to accumulator bets. You’ve probably tried them.

Usually, you identify four or more wagers and combine them into one.

When all your predictions turn out to be correct, you win a lump sum amount.

If one prediction is wrong, you lose the entire bet.

To help players avoid losing a lot of money due to one incorrect prediction, bookmakers are popularizing early cashouts.

What that means is that you can withdraw your money a few minutes before the final game in your ACCA bet is over.

Of course, there’s a catch. You can’t withdraw the entire amount. Instead, you withdraw maybe 80% of your expected profit through early cashouts.

So, let’s say you bet on four separate teams to win £100.

With ACCAs, an early withdrawal would mean withdrawing £80 or less.

To keep people interested in multiple wagers, bookies are now rewarding punters based on the sizes of their bets.

For example, you could receive a 10% boost on your profits if you correctly predict six bets.

If you bet on ten wagers accurately, the bonus could rise to 70% of your potential profit.

Mobile Betting


When will sports come back? – Credit: Pexels

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Are you receiving requests to download betting apps lately?

You’re not alone. Bookmakers are continuously reminding their customers that they can also bet on smartphones.

That’s not because using laptops isn’t fashionable anymore.

But there are more benefits for betting websites when you use their apps to bet.

For starters, they can identify your location, preferred language, betting habits and loyalty to them more precisely.

In return, they can tailor their marketing efforts to impress and keep you as a regular customer.

Fortunately, mobile devices provide a fantastic way to bet.

Think about it. The portability of smartphones, quick convenience deposits through apps and user-friendliness: all these features lead to a better experience.

Of course, betting apps aren’t created equal.

For the best experience, choose your apps carefully.

Alternatively, do what’s also becoming a trend: using mobile websites to bet instead of downloading apps.

In-Play Betting


Have you played FIFA 20 yet? – Credit: EA Games

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Is live betting a trend at this point? Most bookmakers believe it has advanced from being a fad into a futureproof component of the industry.

It’s now something you can expect on every bookie website. Here’s why.

In-play betting is more exciting than pre-game wagering.

It’s like participating in a game you’re also allowed to predict.

You have to prepare then remain active throughout the competition.

Your decisions impact your wager and split-second changes in the game can drastically affect your payouts.

For that reason, some people think live-betting is too intense for their liking.

It requires immense alertness. You might even have to pay less attention to a game you love so that you focus on the betting aspects.

Nonetheless, it’s high in demand everywhere online betting is legal.

Looking into the Future


We can always do some crystal ball gazing – Credit: Pexels

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Many sports betting apps tend to turn into essential components of the industry.

That means all the delightful things happening to the sector presently will probably stay around for long.

So, if you’re enjoying bonuses or eSports, you can be confident they will be around for many years to come.

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