Fans Think Richard Madden Has Been Cast As James Bond

Fans Think Richard Madden Has Been Cast As James Bond

A shared social media video featuring Richard Madden has made fans wonder if he is the new James Bond.

After Daniel Craig’s departure from the iconic role of MI6 agent, fans have been eagerly anticipating the announcement of the next actor to take on the mantle of Bond. While waiting for an official announcement from Eon Productions, many have voted who would likely be the new double o agent. Many sites even started their own online polls.

From actors like Henry Cavill, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleson, Richard Madden, egé-Jean Page, James Norton, and many more. Even the wife of John Krasinski, Emily Blunt was also listed down as a possibility.

With all the excitement, it’s possible that we may have a new Bond already and Captain America: The First Avenger star Stanley Tucci might have given us a clue.

Citadel Co-Star Might Have Revealed Richard Madden As The New James Bond

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Citadel Co-star Stanley Tucci shared a short Instagram video where he and Richard Madden shared martinis.


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It’s a short and somewhat funny video of them sharing a drink. Nothing special to most people. While the video itself doesn’t really say anything about James Bond, they do look like they are drinking a Vesper.

The Vesper is also known as Vesper Martini. It’s James Bond’s favourite drink. 007 author Ian Flemming himself invented the iconic drink. The signature martini was first introduced in the book Casino Royale back in 1953. It was named after a character Vesper Lynd who was portrayed by Eva Green in the 2006 film.

Because of this, many presume that the simple video could be a hint that Madden could be the next 007. The Game of Thrones actor is known to be in the list of possible actors. But then again, many European actors are considered. So, it’s no surprise that he could be in the running, but he’s not in the top voters’ favourites. Then again, votes don’t matter. Eon Productions still have the final say.


Credit: Marvel Studios

Madden’s recent roles have proven himself that he is capable of being the new MI6 agent. His projects like BBC’s Bodyguard and Amazon Prime’s Citadel shows that he is capable of being in an action film.

Madden is a highly competent actor who is steadily gaining recognition. Although his character’s demise in Game of Thrones’ infamous Red Wedding was unexpected, he has since starred in the MCU’s Eternals. His recent television appearances have demonstrated his ability to portray a likeable hero.

The actor himself even won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama for Bodyguard. So, he’s not a bad choice overall. The James Bond role could be the giant boost to his career, which similarly happened to Daniel Craig.

Fans Think That Richard Madden Will Be The New James Bond

Fans Think Richard Madden Has Been Cast As James Bond

Credit: Amazon Prime

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For a while we reported that Aaron Taylor-Johnson might have had a good chance of being the new James Bond. But then again, it seems that he might have missed the opportunity to be one.

Even Henry Cavill, which is a personal favourite of mine also seemed to have an upper hand. Cavill was once so close to getting the role, but at the time, he was too young and he lost against Craig. Now Cavill is said to be in discussions about possibly taking the role of a Bond villain, which again, is not a bad choice.

Right now all we know is that Eon Productions is working on the casting very carefully. As the role will span many years of the actor’s life. Craig himself took 15 years to finish the role with 5 films. Roger Moore took 12 years for 7 films.

While the video shared by Stanley Tucci would be a fascinating clue to who might be the next Bond would be. There is also the high chance that Tucci and Madden are just having a bit of fun. It just so happens that they were having a bit of Vesper Martinis, not thinking about what fans would think about the implications of what they would assume from it. Then again, maybe they did.

What do you think Stanley Tucci’s video? Do you think it’s a clue that Richard Madden will be the next James Bond? Let us know of your thoughts in the comments below.

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