Robert Downey Jr & Robert Pattinson Netflix Serial Killer Movie Is Happening

Robert Downey Jr & Robert Pattinson Netflix Serial Killer Movie Is Happening

Robert Downey Jr and Robert Pattinson will be with Amy Adams, Forest Whitaker and Danielle Deadwyler for a Netflix serial killer flick.

The streaming giant adds another title to its production pipeline and it will be something that will come from a writer, director and producer that they have successfully worked with before.

Unsurprisingly, the streaming service still adds on to its ever growing roster of projects and the cast they have on the list doesn’t exactly get satisfied with spot change. By the names on the actors list alone, people already have an idea of how huge this new project for Netflix actually will be.

People still love a good conspiracy, mystery and suspense series and perhaps one laced with a bit of comedy would not hurt. Especially if all of those tones will be delivered by Downey, Pattinson and the rest of the ensemble.

When it comes to serial killer series or shows, Netflix has every title to suit the audience taste which include fiction and non-fiction titles. Not exactly lacking on its list of serial killer shows, maybe this time they could put the dark comedy spin.

And with that, why not take in Oscar winning director Adam McKay’s Average Height, Average Build. From the filmmaker of Netflix’s Don’t Look Up, comes this newest feature that will possibly showcase once again a pressing social issue.

Robert Downey Jr & Robert Pattinson Netflix Serial Killer Movie Is Happening

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Deadline first reports that Netflix has acquired Adam McKay’s dark comedy. Not unlike all of his directorial projects, McKay also wrote Average Height, Average Build. Furthermore, like his 2010 The Other Guys, 2013 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, 2018 Vice and 2021 Don’t Look Up, McKay will be producing the movie as well.

Apparently, Robert Pattinson will be the serial killer who tries to ‘lawfully’ make it possible for him to easily sidestep getting convicted of murder. On the other hand, Robert Downey Jr will be a cop who’s done his regular service but not yet done with keeping an eye on cases of murder.

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Pattinson already has that “darkness underneath” vibe nailed down with his portrayal of The Batman, DC Studios’ Elseworlds film by Matt Reeves. Meanwhile, Downey is not a stranger to catching bad guys with his extensive portrayal of Iron Man in Marvel Studios blockbuster hits. Although, the new project will be a number of shades darker, we are sure Downey will deliver an award-winning portrayal.

As for comedy and catching a bad guy, Downey has certainly got his Sherlock Holmes and even the 1989 feature Chances Are as proof not that he would need any. To his dismay, Adams will be a lobbyist whom the serial killer will ask to push for laws that give him a leg up to do his heinous work.

Robert Downey Jr & Robert Pattinson Netflix Serial Killer Movie Is Happening

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Average Height, Average Built would very likely catch the attention of many viewers and might just have a theatrical release as well. Just like Don’t Look Up which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, a theatrical run could also be on the table especially for areas where the streaming platform is not yet fully established.

At a time were reboots, renewals, continuations and remakes are happening in every streaming service, Netflix not excluded, it is always a welcome news for something different. People will like new stories while having a number of elements still similar to titles they are familiar with. And if the similar or familiar will be the actors, that is also not a bad idea.

Robert Downey Jr will also appear in other future projects such as Oppenheimer, Play Dirty and Sherlock Holmes 3 among others including this project with McKay. Robert Pattinson is also busy with the sequel to The Batman, and Mickey 17. 

What do you make of this Netflix project starring Robert Downey Jr and Robert Pattinson? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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