Fans Desperate For Henry Cavill To Join The MCU

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Fans of Henry Cavill’s have taken to Twitter in droves to claim that the British actor would be much happier in the MCU than the DCEU.

Honestly, I’m inclined to agree with these fans.

Henry Cavill has been treated pretty poorly by Warner Bros. Pictures over the past few years.

It all seems to stem from the whole moustache-gate thing that happened on the Justice League reshoots.

That wasn’t even his fault.

He was filming Mission: Impossible – Fallout at the time, and he was sporting a rather wonderful moustache for that movie.

However, that film was being made by Paramount Pictures, and they really didn’t want him to shave it off.

So, there was a whole legal battle, and Paramount came out on top.

This meant that Cavill had to do the reshoots for Justice League with his moustache and it was later removed in post.

It resulted in a very odd-looking Superman in some scenes in the movie, and I don’t think Warners ever forgave Cavill for that.

Again, it wasn’t Cavill’s fault.

Since then, things have been pretty tense between Cavill and Warner Bros. Pictures.

They’ve been very silent on whether he’ll ever get to play Superman again.

Warners then goes ahead and announces that they are making a Black Superman movie with Bad Robot.

Then, on Cavill’s birthday of all days, Warner Bros. drops the news (via The Hollywood Reporter), that they are looking for a black director to help the Black Superman movie.

Could you be any more obvious, Warners?

Should Henry Cavill join the MCU?

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The executives at WB do not like Cavill.

They think he’s too expensive, and they want to change their Superman actor.

However, he’s still got friends in high places.

One of them is Dwayne Johnson.

So, with all this in mind, the fans are saying that Cavill should jump ship over to the MCU.

And, I’m hearing that he might very well be joining the MCU very soon.

Captain Britain is the hero being tossed around, but I’m not sure he’ll be cast in that role.

The main reason being, well, Kevin Feige promised me the role

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Henry Cavill should leave the DCEU and start his MCU career?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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