Extraction 2 Teaser Promises Insane Chris Hemsworth Action


Extraction 2 brings back Chris Hemsworth‘s Tyler Rake with an extra dose of action juices as he brawls his way around the latest teaser. Much like the first movie, the trailer shows Rake in the middle of protecting a person of interest. The insane action sequence takes adrenalin-pumping encounters to a whole new level, set to arrive on Netflix this June.

Returning for the movie are director Sam Hargrave and writer Joe Russo. Rejoining Hemsworth in the cast is Golshifteh Farahani as Rake’s handler Nik Khan. Other actors include Daniel Bernhardt, Sinead Phelps, Tinatin Dalakishvili, Adam Bessa, Justin Howell and many more.

Company credits for the upcoming sequel with Netflix list Joe and Anthony Russo’s company AGBO and T.G.I.M Films, in association with Filmhaus Films.

Hemsworth’s role, Tyler Rake, is a mercenary who used to be an Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) operator. Equipped with tactical and combat skills, Rake takes on black-market missions, of course, for a hefty price.

The first movie gave an insight into the character about his past. Showing flashbacks to his son, he resolves to ensure the safety of the innocent he was supposed to recover in spite of the odds. By the end of the movie, audiences wondered whether he survived the fall. Apparently, thanks to the sequel, especially the trailer, we know that he did.

Netflix Releases Extraction 2 Teaser Chris Hemsworth In Action

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Even though the trailer for Extraction 2 does not show much of the upcoming story, the teaser is clear in its presentation as to how it proceeded. Picking up where Extraction left off, split seconds of the trailer show Rake being recovered from the river, then a voiceover, presumably from his handler Khan, is heard saying:

Tyler, you were clinically dead 9 months ago. But you fought your way back. You came back for this. …why?

During the first movie, it was depicted that Rake felt he had to make up for the fact that he left his son while the child suffered from lymphoma. His inability to bear witness to his son’s condition led him to distance himself and not be able to be there when the child passed away. He is guilty of not being there to offer support and comfort to his son but is too weak and afraid of seeing the child lose his life.

This paved his path from being a SASR operator to becoming a black-market mercenary. It is unclear whether the sequel will revisit the characters from the first movie. Extraction 2 was shot in the DC Tower and its surrounding area in Vienna, Austria, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and in Prague, Czech Republic.

Clearly, those are countries away from the first movie’s locations which were in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, India, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, then in Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, Thailand and Western Australia.

Extraction 2 Teaser Promises Insane Chris Hemsworth Action

Extraction 2 Teaser Promises Insane Chris Hemsworth Action

Credit: Netflix

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The Russo Brothers have established their names for directing action-packed and gripping films such as The Gray Man, Cherry, Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, just to name a few. As producers, they were behind the critically acclaimed and box office blockbuster Everything Everywhere All At Once.

It truly seemed that the team behind the best-performing MCU titles is behind Netflix’s Extraction. As such, many fans have high expectations for the movie. True enough, Netflix reports that the movie was the top-streamed title in its debut weekend. It even outperformed the estimated watch count of 90 million households, ending up with 99 million in its first month.

Extraction 2 Teaser Promises Insane Chris Hemsworth Action

Credit: Netflix

Extraction had a 67% rating on the Tomatometer from 218 reviews and a 70% rating on Audience Score from more than 2,500 users. While it had mixed reviews and some feedback on the movie showcasing “white-saviours”, the Russo Brothers are still hopeful of creating a cinematic universe from it. Rumours surfaced back in 2021 that indicate developments for origin stories for other characters in the film are underway.

As a movie that is going direct to streaming, it is indeed an enjoyable watch. Judging from the trailer alone, there are several notches higher in terms of action and intensity. Even now, people talking about the teaser trailer is evident enough that the upcoming Extraction 2 will not disappoint.

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