Ethan Hawke Reveals Why He Joined The MCU’s Moon Knight


Ethan Hawke has shed some light on why he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), specifically the Disney Plus series, Moon Knight.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hawke spoke about his villainous role in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Plus, he also revealed who convinced him to sign up to a superhero project.

Oscar Isaac convinced Ethan Hawke to join Moon Knight

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You may or may not remember, but back in 2018, Hawke called the 2017 film Logan a “fine superhero movie.”

But he didn’t sound too warm on the genre as a whole, saying superhero films were “overpraised.”

But, Hawke revealed that the genre meant a great deal to him in his youth:

The comic book world meant a lot to me when I was younger. I was always a little apprehensive; there’s a certain kind of actor that really excels in that universe, and I’m still not sure I’m one of them.

So what made him decide to finally join a superhero project?

The answer is his Moon Knight co-star Oscar Isaac, and the director Mohamed Diab:

But then Oscar asked me, and I really respect him. And I knew that if he went in, he was going to go all in, and it’s fun to do any genre with people who are all in. Mohamed Diab, I really like his films, he’s a special director. So it just became about the project, and it wasn’t an intellectual decision at all; it was like, ‘Oh, let’s do something cool with these guys.’

Hawke is set to play mysterious cult leader Arthur Harrow.

Not much is known about the character, but Hawke revealed that cult leader David Koresh, and psychiatrist Carl Jung, were among the inspirations for his performance.

Moon Knight will begin streaming on March 30.

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Are you excited to see Hawke in the MCU?

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