Ethan Hawke Reportedly Returning For Gattaca Series


Ethan Hawke, acclaimed for his role in the 1997 film Gattaca, is reportedly returning to reprise his character, In-Valid Vincent, in Showtime’s upcoming series based on the original film. This much-anticipated reprisal comes 26 years after Hawke first took on the role of Vincent, leading many to believe that the Showtime series will not be a reboot, but a continuation of the original narrative.

Before we get into the weeds of this story, we have to bring up the fact that this news comes to us via Giant Freakin Robot.

The Original Gattaca and Hawke’s Role

In the original Gattaca film, Hawke portrayed Vincent, an ‘In-Valid’, a man born naturally in a dystopian world where genetic engineering determines one’s fate. Condemned to menial jobs due to his inferior genetic status, Vincent seeks to elevate his station in life. He assumes the identity of Jerome (Jude Law), a former swimming star now confined to a wheelchair, using Jerome’s genetic material to secure a job at Gattaca Aerospace Corporation.

The Legacy of Gattaca

Despite a lukewarm reception at the box office, Gattaca earned critical acclaim and an Oscar nomination for Art Direction. Over the years, the film has garnered increasing attention, and its writer and director, Andrew Niccol, went on to work on well-known projects such as The Truman Show, Lord of War, and The Terminal.

Speculation on the Gattaca Series


Credit: Columbia Pictures

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The casting of Ethan Hawke in the Gattaca series suggests that Vincent may have returned from his journey to Saturn’s moon, Titan, which was the last known event of his character in the original film. It is likely that Vincent will continue his ruse as Jerome, given the ample amount of Jerome’s genetic material stored for future use.

The question remains whether Hawke will take the lead role in the Gattaca series, or if he will serve as a supporting actor, potentially guiding another ‘In-Valid’ to outwit their genetically discriminatory dystopia.

The Original Cast and Potential Returns


Credit: Columbia Pictures

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Gattaca also starred Uma Thurman as Irene, Vincent’s love interest, and it was during the filming of this movie that Hawke and Thurman first met. They later married in 1998 and divorced in 2005. As of yet, there is no news on whether Thurman will be asked to return for the Showtime series.

This return of Ethan Hawke in the Gattaca series is a much-anticipated event for the fans of the original film, who eagerly await to see how the series will continue the narrative and whether other original cast members will also make a return.

This all sounds very exciting, and we’ll keep you informed on any new developments involving this upcoming Gattaca series on Showtime.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Ethan Hawke return in an upcoming Gattaca series? Do you think it’s a good idea or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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