Eternals Producer Teases More Black Knight In The MCU


It’s been revealed by The Eternals’ producer, Nate Moore that they have big plans for Kit Harington’s Black Knight in future movies.

Moore revealed this during a recent interview with

Kit Harington will be playing the character – aka Dane Whitman in Chloe Zhao’s Eternals.

However, he won’t end up becoming the Black Knight in this movie – at least, that’s what it sounds like.

That said, Moore did say that they have big plans for the character in the MCU moving forward.

You can check out what he had to say on the matter below.

Marvel has big plans for Kit Harington’s Black Knight after The Eternals

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Here’s what Moore had to say about Black Knight appearing in future Marvel movies:

We think he’s interesting and a great character and actually Kit Harington who just wrapped yesterday was fantastic…But we very much explored the relationship between Dane Whitman and Sersi, which is something, for comic readers who loved the Avengers in the ’90s, was very relevant and sort of plant the seeds that there could be more.

Moore also revealed that there won’t be an appearance of the Ebony Blade in The Eternals.

The weapon that endows Whitman his power and is known to slowly corrupt the psyche of its owner.

You won’t see the Ebony Blade in this movie…He’s not going to be Black Knight necessarily, but that is something that we get to play with down the road.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Kit Harington as Black Knight in The Eternals?

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