Doctor Strange 2 Star Wants An X-Men Crossover


Doctor Strange 2 (Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness) star, Benedict Wong has revealed that he would love to see an X-Men crossover MCU movie in the future.

Wong revealed this during an interview with

Here’s what Wong had to say about a potential X-Men MCU crossover:

I mean, if ever the X-Men are around, I’d like to hang out with the X-Men… I’m a big Marvel comic fan back in the day and obviously, I always remembered the Secret Wars, where everybody was involved… Who else? X-Force, Nightcrawler, all of those. What I love about this and I thank the MCU… [I have] portal world travel… so the more, the merrier.

Will the X-Men be in Doctor Strange 2?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The idea of seeing the X-Men in the MCU would be brilliant.

There have been so many rumours that some of the X-Men are in Doctor Strange 2.

Now, Wong might not have had the chance to act alongside one of these returning X-Men characters in the movie.

One character we know will be returning in this Marvel movie from the X-Men films will be Sir Patrick Stewart’s Professor X.

He was teased in the movie’s trailer and I cannot wait to see him return.

There have been a lot of rumours suggesting that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will be making an appearance in this movie.

However, I’m not sure sure if that’s going to happen.

Doctor Strange 2 is going to be in US cinemas on May 6th and UK cinemas on May 5th.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Doctor Strange 2?

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