Deadpool 3 Will Not See This Character Return


In a surprising turn of events, Deadpool 3, the highly anticipated third instalment of the mouthy superhero’s franchise, will not see the return of a fan-favourite character.

Despite widespread rumours and speculation, Zazie Beetz, who brilliantly portrayed the luck-altering mutant Domino in Deadpool 2, has confirmed that she will not be reprising her role in the upcoming movie.

Domino’s Departure from Deadpool 3


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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Rumours Quashed

Rumours of Beetz’s return to the franchise began circulating in 2022, when a Twitter fan account reported that she was in talks to reprise her popular character. However, Beetz has finally put these rumours to rest, stating in an interview at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her upcoming series Full Circle Decider(via ), “Well I’m actually not in Deadpool 3, so I don’t know what they’re doing [about improvisation]. I’m assuming they’re probably taking a pause. […] I’m excited to watch it.”

Hopes for Domino’s Return

Earlier that year, Beetz expressed her love for the character and the franchise during an interview with ScreenRant. “I am crossing my fingers, hoping that Domino will be a part of this and if not, that’s also all good. But it’s just such a great crew, such a great team. I just love Deadpool. I love Domino so much. If it’s not this, maybe I’ll do my own Domino origins or something like that,” she said.

However, when asked about her potential reprisal in March, Beetz chose to “plead the fifth”, keeping fans in suspense about her return to the franchise.

Beetz’s New Role in Full Circle

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Despite the disappointment of her departure from Deadpool 3, Beetz is set to play a strong-willed, queer detective named Agent Harmony in Steven Soderberg’s upcoming series Full Circle, premiering on July 13, 2023.

The Character and the Show

The series places Beetz’s character in a complex position between an affluent New York family and a crime syndicate group. Beetz explained, “Agent Harmony is one of the detectives in the show and she’s sort of caught in the middle between this affluent New York family and this crime syndicate group with these young Guyanese kids who come into the city and are roped into a bad situation.” Beetz said she is “ping-ponging” between the two groups throughout the series.

The Allure of Full Circle

Beetz was drawn to the project by its nuanced portrayal of good and evil and the consequences of actions. “I felt really compelled by the nuance surrounding who’s considered to be good and who’s considered to be bad, and how our actions all have consequences, even if we think we’re not engaging or we’re not responsible for something – every choice we make does impact the people in their lives,” she said.

Beetz further added, “This show plays around a lot with who’s actually innocent and who is actually culpable and should take responsibility for their actions”. The series also stars Jharrel Jerome, Claire Danes, and Timothy Olyphant, with Jerome teasing that the series “turns up” towards the end.

While fans may be disappointed to hear that Domino won’t be returning for Deadpool 3, there is still much to look forward to. With Beetz’s role in Full Circle and the possibility of a future return of Domino in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her admirers have plenty to anticipate.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Deadpool 3? Are you sad to hear that Zazie Beetz won’t return as Domino in the third Deadpool movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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