Gotham Knights Cancelled By The CW After One Season


In a shocking turn of events, The CW announced the cancellation of the much-anticipated series, Gotham Knights, after only one season.

The DC Comics-based drama was one of three scripted series left in limbo, alongside Superman & Lois and All American: Homecoming, which have both been renewed. Despite being a respectable ratings performer, the business model shift under The CW’s new ownership led to the premature end of Gotham Knights.

A New Dawn for The CW


Credit: The CW

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The cancellation of Gotham Knights comes amidst The CW’s changes and budget cuts (via Deadline). The network has been under new ownership since the latter half of 2022, leading to significant alterations in the network’s content strategy.

The CW is reportedly cutting down on its scripted shows, focusing on other types of content instead. From the Summer season of 2022 to 2023, The CW has cancelled eight scripted shows, including Gotham Knights​.

The CW’s Changing Strategy

Among the cancelled 2023 CW shows are The Flash, The Winchesters, and Walker Independence, all of which were based on preexisting IPs. Franchises such as the Arrowverse and Supernatural, some of the network’s biggest properties, were not spared from the wave of cancellations. The CW reportedly had to choose between moving forward with Superman & Lois season 4 or producing Gotham Knights season 2. The former was given the green light, albeit reportedly under a lower budget (via Screen Rant).

DC Universe Undergoing Changes

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The DC Universe itself is undergoing several changes, and cancellations extend beyond The CW’s roster. Other non-CW DC shows such as Titans and Doom Patrol have also been cancelled recently, likely as part of a new content strategy for HBO Max, now rebranded as Max. DC itself is going through creative changes, with the creation of a new interconnected DC Universe spearheaded by James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Studios. The new model is for Gunn’s DC Universe to be an interconnected story told across film, television, animation, and video games. Upcoming DC Universe shows such as Waller and Booster Gold will tie into the films.

The Role of Gotham Knights in the DC Universe

Gotham Knights‘ cancellation reportedly aligns with DC’s new strategy. Although it’s not directly tied to the new DC Universe, the cancellation of Gotham Knights fits into the broader plan of avoiding multiple TV shows that are not connected to the broader DC Universe airing at the same time.

Backlash and Reception

Gotham Knights Is The Cheapest DC Show Ever On The CW

Credit: The CW

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Despite The CW’s changes, Gotham Knights faced challenges from the onset. Its title suggested a show centred on Batman’s sidekicks and other Bruce Wayne legacy characters. However, Gotham Knights veered from this expectation, focusing on Bruce Wayne’s adoptive son, Turner Hayes, an original character created for the show, and lesser-known Gotham-related characters. This combination of lesser-known Batman sidekicks with original characters led to early negative reception.

Furthermore, the first Gotham Knights trailer, which barely featured any costumes or locations commonly associated with Batman and his sidekicks, exacerbated the backlash. The show’s marketing suggested a teen drama in the style of Riverdale rather than something akin to Arrow or Batwoman.

What do you make of this news? Are you upset to hear that The CW opted to cancel Gotham Knights after just one season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Jack

    Gotham knights though seemingly low budget for the first few episodes, gradually become more intriguing and enjoyable to watch. It had different types of representation and personally I was hoping for at least another series.

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