Dead By Daylight Is The Video Game That Needs To Be A Movie

Dead By Daylight Is The Video Game That Needs To Be A Movie

With Mortal Kombat and Monster Hunter getting their big-screen debut last year, and a myriad of others having been given a chance before that (Super Mario Bros. and  World of Warcraft, etc.,), we feel that one franchise is missing from the ever-growing list of video game movie adaptations. Despite that, a couple of recent announcements might suggest it has a chance to get the Hollywood treatment in the coming years.

We’ll give you a hint: it’s a game in the horror genre. While that doesn’t exactly narrow the list too much, we can say that the title is from the last five years. Is it the new Resident Evil Village? Nah, despite Village selling 5 million copies worldwide, Resident Evil had plenty of chances to wow us on the big screen.

What becomes clear when you consider all the titles you could guess is that the horror genre has touched all areas of the entertainment genre. While we’re well aware that there are movie franchises and console games, there are songs, plays, and even slot games. This is because the genre lends itself well to suspense, which works especially well with slots. Paired with offers like 100 free spins on Paddy Power, titles like Vampire Princess of Darkness, although not part of that particular offer, work extremely well. But you’d still be guessing wrong.

Which Video Game should be made into a movie?

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If you guessed Phasmophobia, you’re getting closer! Okay, one more hint: the game in question is an asymmetrical survival game where players both fight as and against well-established villains in the horror film industry. If you’re guessing the slasher-inspired game Dead By Daylight, you’d be absolutely correct.

While there are many copyrighted characters that couldn’t be used in the film, we think a movie based on the game’s original characters could be a huge success and set up a possible recurring movie franchise that follows a different group of survivors in every instalment. For anybody not familiar with DBD, it’s a survival horror game that pits four survivors against a villain in multiple map layouts. The survivors win by, you guessed it, surviving. The villain’s goal is equally as simple as they strive to put an end to as many of the survivors as possible. Each villain and survivor has their own abilities that they can use to overcome their foe.

Dead By Daylight needs to be turned into a movie

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Many players who frequent DBD are longtime horror fans that wanted to take a more active role in the movies they love to watch. Popular horror villains such as Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger, and Pinhead have joined the roster to give those fans a few familiar faces to play, And the game celebrated its fifth anniversary back in June showing it has enough staying power to be considered more than just a flavour of the month.

We’re thinking the movie would be likened to something such as Cabin In The Woods that uses the plot and characters as a way to analyse horror films. The film could focus on the survivors until the viewer discovers that there is an entity that controls the villain. It could then use that focus to put a new spin on an old formula where the plot doesn’t revolve around surviving but rather finding out more about the entity and breaking the cycle.

A great video game to be made into a great horror film

Although it might be odd to make a movie based on a game that’s inspired by a genre of movies, it might also prove to come out as unique and refreshing given how meta it could be. With a strong combination of smart casting decisions, a unique but cohesive plot, and possibly a few big-shot horror villain cameos, this could be a memorable flick with the potential to make horror box office history and contend with some of the best-selling to date.

Here’s to hoping for a Halloween 2022 drop!


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