DC Universe Actors Will Be Announced In 6 Months

DC Universe Actors Will Be Announced In 6 Months

It seems that DC Studios has picked up its pace on updates, as it will now reveal DC Universe actors in 6 months’ time. Chances that this will actually happen in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con would be really high.

For the past five years, at least, DC has been lagging behind updates from its immediate competition Marvel Studios. Apart from the fragmented stories DC films have churned out, the recent developments as the merger became final was quite a tumultuous ride for the studio and everyone involved.

Rewrites, reshoots, then the momentous cancellations and discontinuance of agreements leading up to the definite end of a certain Justice League storyline, it was just a complete mess. Save for certain titles such as Todd Phillips’ Joker, Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and of course, co-CEO James Gunn’s Peacemaker, most titles got the axe.

The ones that are left standing are the upcoming four movies: Blue Beetle, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and the one that is supposed to reset (or slightly reset?) the DCU, The Flash. Three of these movies are from the shadows of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Notably, even Gunn’s Peacemaker shares that world.

New DC Universe Actors Announced By August 19

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But as they have trumpeted time and again, Andy Muschietti’s The Flash will change all that and will open the portal to the new DCU that Gunn and his co-CEO Peter Safran have begun to develop. Last January 31st, Gunn and Safran delivered the initial part of their Chapter 1 of the new DC Slate, which they call Gods and Monsters.

Citing ten initial projects, Gunn also shared that fans can expect many new actors, specifically new and younger ones, to take on the roles. However, they have yet to announce specific names for specific characters. The latest updates show that the wait will take no more than six months from now.

A DC fan, CleganeBowl, asked on Twitter:

will we get any major casting announcement in the next 6 months?

To which Gunn clearly answered:


Judging the timeframe Gunn could mean precisely six months from now based on his previous declaration of presenting their slate “by the end of January 2023”. And six months from February 19 is Saturday, August 19th. However, the San Diego Comic-Con 2023 is on July 20 to 23 and that is also “in the next 6 months”. As all the event’s attendee badges are already sold out, it’s evident that everyone is anxious to see what they have been cooking up.

New DC Universe Actors Possibly Revealed at DC FanDome

DC Universe Actors Will Be Announced In 6 Months

Credit: DC Comics

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Screen Rant also suspects DC Studios could revive the DC FanDome by announcing the new actors. Other than the SDCC, they also supposed Gunn and Safran could deliver the announcement the same way they announced Gods and Monsters.

However, I do think the studio will take advantage of the SDCC this year rather than any other medium. For one thing, it is the melting pot of all things superhero, fantasy, and science fiction in everything that has comic book origin and form.

I know that I am excited about this year’s SDCC. What about you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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