Daredevil: Born Again Rumour Seems To Explain Foggy’s Absence


Rumours about Marvel‘s Daredevil: Born Again could possibly explain why Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson is missing in the new Disney Plus series. Ever since we saw Charlie Cox in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Vincent D’Onofrio in Hawkeye, many were wondering, when will we see Daredevil back and in action again. Equally important, when will Matt Murdock’s friends Foggy Nelson and Karen Paige be back?

The announcement of the new series got fans excited. But many have been wondering when it will be announced that the old cast will return. Both Foggy and Karen, played by Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll respectively, felt like the main reason why Daredevil is doing what he can in the original Netflix series.

With the return of Jon Bernthal as The Punisher, we are excited to see him back in action with Daredevil. But at the same time, we are troubled that we still haven’t heard of the two closest people in Matt Murdock’s life.

Rumours are spreading with many theories about what happened to the characters. Some have suggested that the events of the new series could be set within the event called the “Blip” which could explain why they are missing.

A new rumour seems really out of the blue, and we wonder if there is any truth to it.

Foggy Nelson Has Gone Dancing?

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A tweet by DriftyFilm says that Murdock’s best friend Foggy went on to be a professional dancer.

Sad news for the fans of Daredevil. So, we won’t be seeing Foggy again if that’s the case. That’s that, then. Nelson, the former lawyer of Nelson and Murdock, has gone into the entertainment industry to dance in front of large audiences.

Uhm, really? We had to check the date when it was posted and see that it isn’t really an April Fools’ thing.

Another movie insider, Daniel Richtman, also posts a question regarding the said rumour.

The news seems questionable and out of character for Foggy. It doesn’t appear to be a decision he would make willingly. Although there have been instances in the comics where Foggy has temporarily disappeared or pursued other endeavours, he always eventually returns to practising law, as he is highly skilled at his job. For instance, in the comics, he entered a witness protection program for a period, but he eventually resumed his legal career.

For Foggy to turn into a professional dancer is too far-fetched. It doesn’t make any sense, especially for his character. Unless it is kind of a cover as he goes under a witness protection program. Who knows?

Daredevil: Born Again Rumour Of Foggy Nelson Dancing

Daredevil Born Again Rumour Seems To Explain Foggy Absence

Credit: Marvel

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I am still hoping that both Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll will return to their roles. But it did make me worry when we heard that Vanessa Fisk, who was originally played by Ayelet Zurer would be replaced by Sandrine Holt in Disney’s Daredevil: Born Again. It was the first major recasting that they officially announced.

Both Henson and Woll were excellent at their roles. Henson even reprised his role in many of Netflix’s Marvel shows, including The Defenders, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Woll returned in The Defenders and The Punisher.

For now, it seems that they aren’t coming back anytime soon. But fans, including me, are hoping that they will be back soon. Their return could be one of the most important aspects of the new Disney show, which is why the announcement could be held back. We have to consider that both Henson and Woll are both on NDAs if ever they are part of the new show. Also, it’s possible that their appearance can reveal much more about Daredevil’s story in their part of the MCU.

Even if Foggy and Karen won’t be coming back, we’re still happy that Daredevil is back in action in the MCU. It won’t be the same without them, but we’d love to see how Matt Murdock lives without the two most important people in his life.

What do you think of Foggy Nelson possibly missing in Daredevil: Born Again because he wanted to pursue dancing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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