EXCLUSIVE: Dacre Montgomery In Talks To Play The Human Torch In The Fantastic Four Movie

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It’s been revealed to us by sources who claim to be close to Marvel Studios that Stranger Things star, Dacre Montgomery, is reportedly in talks to star as The Human Torch in Jon Watts’ upcoming Fantastic Four movie. This is a bit of fan casting that’s been out there for quite some time.

It seems as though people at Marvel Studios also think that Montgomery would make a great Human Torch, a.k.a. Johnny Storm. My sources also informed me that Kevin Feige and Jon Watts were impressed by Dacre’s performance as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things Season 3 and that the Australian actor’s been on their radar ever since he starred in the Power Rangers movie.

Dacre played Jason Scott in the Power Rangers movie – he’s the Red Ranger. I was also pretty impressed by his performance in that film, and I didn’t hate the movie as much as other people did.

Dacre Montgomery in talks to play The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movie

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Credit: Netflix

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Yet, I digress. Back to the news that Dacre Montgomery is reportedly in talks to play Johnny Storm. Here’s what my first source had to say about Dacre being in talks with Marvel Studios for the role of Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, in Fantastic Four:

Marvel Studios is ramping things up with Jon Watts’ Fantastic Four movie. They’re looking at a bunch of actors for the role of Johnny Storm, yet Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery seems to be leading the pack. He’s currently in talks with the Marvel bosses as we speak for the role.

A second source then corroborated what the previous source told me, and they added that Dacre Montgomery was being looked at for the role of Wolverine in the past. However, Marvel seems to think he’d be a better fit for Johnny Storm. Here’s what they said:

Dacre Montgomery is in talks for the role of Johnny Storm in the MCU’s Fantastic Four picture. He was considered for Wolverine, but Marvel thinks he’d be perfect for Johnny, and Jon Watts is very keen on casting the actor for the role.

Dacre is certainly a fan-favourite for the role

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Credit: Netflix

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It was revealed at Disney’s recent Investor’s Day presentation that Jon Watts would be directing the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. That was brilliant news because Watts has made two very good Spider-Man movies.

He seems like the perfect fit for the Fantastic Four movie, and it sounds like he really understands and loves the Fantastic Four comics. He and Marvel Studios (and in particular, Kevin Feige) will want to make sure they get the casting spot on.

We already reported that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt were up for the roles of Reed Richards and Susan Storm respectively. I think that if they do end up casting Dacre Montgomery he would be a great on-screen brother to Emily Blunt’s Susan Storm.

It sounds like they are really starting to listen to the fans when it comes to casting these roles. That said, I’m sure that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are also making sure they cast the perfect actors for these parts.

It just so happens that Marvel Studios and the fans align perfectly as far as the Fantastic Four casting’s concerned. I really cannot wait to see this movie when it finally comes out, and I’m pretty sure many of you are looking forward to it too.

Dacre is currently filming Baz Lurhman’s upcoming Elvis biopic in which he plays Steve Binder. He’s represented by WME (William Morris Endeavor).

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Dacre Montgomery play the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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