Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 And 3 Will Still Air On Prime Video


It was revealed earlier today that Amazon Studios has opted not to renew its contract with Jeremy Clarkson, but many people have been asking what does that mean for Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 and 3. Well, it’s been revealed to us that the next two seasons of the show will air as scheduled.

According to our sources, the next two seasons of the popular Prime Video series will air on the streaming platform. However, there was apparently a desire from certain big players within Amazon just to scrap the next two seasons entirely.

This all comes after Clarkson wrote a pretty awful column in The Sun newspaper. It was all about his hatred of Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex. There was a high backlash to his hateful article in which he claimed that he wanted Markel to go through the streets of all the UK cities, naked and have human excrement thrown at her with people yelling “shame”.

He was making a reference to the infamous scene in Game Of Thrones. However, it wasn’t very well thought out, and it wasn’t clever. People were outraged by what Clarkson had written, and I was pretty shocked that even The Sun allowed the column to be published in the first place.

Clarkson’s Farm Seasons 2 and 3 will still air on Amazon Prime Video

Clarkson's Farm Season 2 Potential Release

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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However, when it comes to the Duchess of Sussex in the UK press, all bets are off. Right-wing newspapers in the UK just seem to be able to write whatever they like about her and get away with it. That said, the whole Clarkson debacle has proven that there is a line and The Grand Tour presenter amazingly managed to go over it.

Clarkson has since issued an official apology via his Instagram account in which he basically came up with a load of excuses as to why he wrote the article and how it was published in the first place.

Anyway, back to Clarkson’s Farm Seasons 2 and 3. What’s going on with them? Well. it looks like they will be released, but there will not be a season 4.

We have been told that there were plans to make a fourth season of the show. However, they have now been scrapped thanks to Clarkson’s idiotic column.

The Grand Tour has also been cancelled by Amazon

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It’s also not good news for fans of Clarkson’s other Prime Video show, The Grand Tour. It was revealed by Variety that Amazon will not be moving forward with future seasons of the show.

However, the next four specials of the hit series will be released as planned – much like with the next two seasons of Clarkson’s Farm. However, that will be it for The Grand Tour.

All of this means that by 2024, all Clarkson-related content on Prime Video will be finished. There will be no future seasons of Clarkson’s Farm and The Grand Tour beyond what’s currently being edited and filmed (in Clarkson’s Farm’s case).

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 is expected to air in 2023. We’ve been informed that the show’s release date has been pushed back slightly due to everything that’s gone on after Clarkson’s article in The Sun.

What do you make of this news? Are you sad to hear that future seasons of these two Jeremy Clarkson shows have been cancelled? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Truth and peaceful

    It’s stupid taking off Clarkson’s Farm over a free speech over the constant nagging and whining from meghan and harry 3 years of them.even calling British people are dark harry seys.To be honest what a cheek harry needs to be taking off air.Another if they are showing mental health problems shouldn’t social services n mental health check them over.Has if it was us we would why would the rich be Anything different it ain’t fair how this world treats people.Harry puts people down but that is OK.Anyone else would be on way out.Amazon should be ashamed of themselves.We need happy stuff not ranting of how harry become a cocaine freak and how disruptive he is and meghan.He is being coached by the boss and first class home wrecker.They all need to grow up learn to sort family out privately.Anything to get money.i rather watch happy stuff.we having a cost of living crisis they forget they rich and we don’t broadcast family problems and we wouldn’t even broadcast for money.i do something to help people not amazon you need to grow up is Hardwork and real life nature no drama there just seeing what hard work it is.Its life

  2. Grant StClair-Armstrong

    I would also love to see Markle parade naked and throw excrement at her. Clarkson said it was his dream. Are our dreams now being policed and are we not allowed to talk about them, however distasteful they may be. What makes me sad is that Clarkson actually apologised to the brain dead irrelevant.

  3. Jack off

    So free speach is over then. Hopefully Netflix will pick up the lads and jeremy. Who cares what he thinks of the ginger winger and his horrid wife. Major Hewitt must be so ashamed of his son

  4. Anonymous

    Amazon might cancel after season 3 of Clarkson farm , but someone else will snap it up. It’s Clarkson we watch not Amazon.

  5. Jules

    JC was an idiot publishing what he did….but to cancel the shows is pure madness. We just get shows that are thoroughly enjoyable and they get cancelled, leaving us with the usual rubbish that’s on. Amazon, if you’re reading this, don’t do it …….

  6. Joshua Perahia

    CENSORSHIP is running in one damn direction….Conservatives are shut down & Liberals “RUN THE SHOW”. You are making our lives miserable by shoving Liberal BS down our throats as you “SPEW” your Leftist propaganda down the worlds throats. You are killing our liberties & souls by way of prejudice through Marxist doctrine which will inevitably destroy the “WESTERN WAY OF LIFE”. I don’t care for many things Clarkson says, but I would fight for his right to say them. The Nazi party also shut down the right to say what you believe. This is how wars start.

  7. John Barker

    It’s Clarkson’s refusal to bow to ‘political correctness’ which has contributed hugely to his popularity and success. I thought that Amazon was in business to make a profit, not to act as an arbiter of good taste. They’re more likely to lose subscribers by cancelling Jeremy than they would by continuing to produce his highly popular and profitable content. They’re making the same mistake as the BBC, who must be kicking themselves for their knee-jerk reaction to a minor indiscretion by one of their top revenue generators. Go woke – go broke! I don’t suppose for one minute that Amazon will go broke through the loss of Jeremy Clarkson, but I’m sure there’s another media giant just waiting to harvest the potential income stream from such a popular and unique entertainer.

  8. Clare

    I only subscribed to Amazon Prime for The Grand Tour and luvkily Clarkson’s Farm arrived there too. How stupid of Amazon to get involved & cancel him after all Markle has said about our Royal Family. 1 rule for 1 eh?! I will definitely be cancelling my subscription after watching the final episode to each show. Cancel culture works in many ways Amazon!!

  9. Conor McCarthy

    Amazon making a big mistake wait until they see the viewership of both shows they will have to change their mind. If not “stay woke go broke:

  10. Free Speech For ALL

    As usual, liberals can say whatever they want, shun whomever they want, and people with opinions they don’t like are shut down. That’s ok, I dumped Amazon this year because of other unfair, hateful behavior. Jeremy will be able to sell his show anywhere! I totally agree with everything he said about brainwashing homewrecker meg.

  11. Steve

    Amazon took over from Top Gear and another station will take on Clarkson’s Farm and a revised version of the grand tour, this wont be the end for them at all,

  12. Anonymous

    I loved the farm watched both series by binge watching which is something my husband and i never do. So sad its not going to continue .

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