Star Wars Rebels Season 4’s Trailer is Loaded With Rogue One References

Star Wars Rebels Season 4’s trailer has just dropped and it’s jam-packed with references to the first Star Wars spinoff movie, Rogue One. Star Wars Rebels Season 4 will be the show’s last season, which is undeniably sad, however it gives the showrunners a chance to wrap everything up nicely for the crew of the Ghost that we have come to love over the course of three seasons. The trailer for Season 4 has been released and it features a lot of references to Rogue One, and will hopefully fill the remain gaps between The Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Check the trailer out below. Some eagle eyed viewers managed to spot the Ghost during a battle scene in Rogue One, which should put our minds at ease about the fate of the ship’s crew, however, there’s no telling who survived the final season. Judging by the trailer Ezra will be going on a journey to discover more about the Force and Sabine will trying to save her people from the Empire’s oppressive regime. We also see...


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