Bucky Barnes Might Be Getting A Solo Disney Plus MCU Show

Bucky Barnes Solo Disney Plus Marvel Series

People are talking about the possibility that Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier (aka, Bucky Barnes) may be getting his solo Disney Plus series, likely after Thunderbolts. With Marvel boss Kevin Feige stating that Bucky Barnes is the de facto leader of the Thunderbolts, it became clear that the character is taking more steps into the spotlight, front and centre.

Given the history of Bucky Barnes in the MCU, his time in the story is just as long as Captain America Steve Rogers’. In fact, after Avengers: Endgame, Bucky is still quite active through his team-up with the new Captain America in their Disney Plus series.

Now, Marvel still has him with the Thunderbolts and possibly all the way through the Multiverse Saga.

Sebastian Stan Might Get A Bucky Barnes Disney Plus Series

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MCU Phases 5 and 6 complete the Multiverse Saga ending with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. With Bucky’s long history as the Winter Soldier of Hydra, anything could have happened that may be relevant down the line for future aspects of the following phases.

Giant Freakin Robot reports that there is a possibility that Stan may be getting his own solo series on Disney Plus. This, of course, will feature him as the Winter Soldier or Bucky Barnes.

Should this information become a reality, his time in the past as Winter Soldier would also be an exciting focus for a series?

In the interview with Feige on Entertainment Weekly, he mentioned getting into projects which are more episodic in storytelling. It is easy to imagine Winter Soldier on a mission for one or two episodes in a series.

Feige also said that their method is to somehow be able to bring together fans who like to do the ‘homework’ and those who just like to jump in and watch some of the movies or series as they could be fun on their own merits.

Bucky Barnes Might Be Getting His Own Solo Disney Plus Series

Credit: Marvel Studios

Furthermore, as a series that will focus on Barnes as the main character, and solo at that, it could mean he is not connected in any way with Captain America or even the Thunderbolts.

However, true to Marvel method, there has to be a reason why they would do the series. If only to show Winter Soldier during his time as a Hydra agent, it would be redundant. There has to be something else embedded in the series.

If they are truly going to do this after the Thunderbolts and deliver into Phase 6, then something about the series should contribute to the narrative of the finale movie, Secret Wars.

Maybe like one huge flashback? Or are they going to make a whole series of him going after the Guardians of the Galaxy to get his arm back? At this point, one is as possible as the next. Of course, all of these are mere speculations.

Is There A Disney Plus Solo Series For Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Nevertheless, there won’t be any doubt as to whether Stan would be on board or not. It’s pretty evident that Bucky has a huge part of his heart.

He may be portraying many other roles but Marvel fans will always have him in their minds whenever they think of Winter Soldier.

In the meantime, Sebastian Stan fans have enjoyed watching him as Tommy Lee in the television miniseries with Lily James’ Pamela Anderson in the biography, comedy drama Pam & TommyThe miniseries is available on Hulu in the US and on Disney Plus in the UK.

Aside from Thunderbolts, Stan has other upcoming projects in different stages of production, namely, Dumb Money, A Different Man and The Brutalist.

Do you think Sebastian Stan could really get his own solo Disney Plus series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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