Will Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 See Amy Santiago Promoted To Captain?

With Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 just being around the corner, it’s time to ask ourselves what will happen in the next few episodes, more importantly, what will happen to Amy Santiago (played by Melissa Fumero).

We already know that Melissa is currently pregnant (congratulations) and that she’s been filming her scenes as Sergeant Amy Santiago as such.

This will be her second child, and she has filmed scenes for the show whilst being pregnant before, but they had her sit behind a desk for most of the time she was with child, until one episode where they had Amy go into a women’s prison moonlighting as a pregnant convict.

However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 featured a very memorable episode where Amy and Jake (Andy Samberg) discussed whether they wanted a child, and they came to the conclusion that there did, but weren’t ready for one yet.

The fact that Melissa is now pregnant may mean that they might have Amy and Jake get pregnant in Season 7, and this got me to wondering what could happen to Amy’s character after that.

Will it be Captain Santiago in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 release date revealed by NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 release date revealed by NBC – Credit: NBC

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The first thing that came to mind is that she’ll have to take maternity leave, but then I starting thinking about Captain Raymond Holt’s predicament.

The end of Season 6 saw Holt get demoted because it was discovered he had been promoted to his previous position too soon (yeah, I know), and he’s now working as a traffic warden.

What I think will happen in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 is that Holt will end up being offered his old Captain’s job again, but he’ll hand it over to Santiago.

He’s been teaching her everything he knows, and she will make an excellent Captain. She’s already been made a Sergeant, and I think if anyone were to be given control on the 99, it has to be Amy.

The other possibility is Sergeant Jeffers (Terry Crews), yet I have a sneaky suspicion that he might end up being asked to be the Captain of another precinct in Brooklyn.

What do you guys make of this fan theory? What do you think will happen in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Cirah Quinn

    This can’t happen, at least not in Season 7. There are rules they have to follow, Hot can’t just give Amy his job. Shes also not qualified. The next story up from Sargeant is Lieutenant and then Captain, so Amy would have to be a Lieutenant first, and even that is likely to be a long way off as she hasn’t been Seargant for very long and there is actually very few tests to allow them to work up the ranks. I think its entirely possible that she will one day end us as Captain and it would great, but its unrealistic for that to happen in this season.

    • Edward Lauder

      You make a very good point. Of course, you’re right. Amy would have to be made a Lieutenant first. This was a speculative article, and it might not happen in Season 7, but I do think it’s going to happen at some point. She’s the only character who can really take over from Holt, along with Jeffers.

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously? Both of those things make no sense. Holt can’t just give Amy a job she isn’t qualified to have and Terry hasn’t been lieutenant for long so it’s the same situation for him too.

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