Christian Bale Reportedly Cast In Bride Of Frankenstein

Christian Bale Reportedly Cast In Bride Of Frankenstein

The Fighter Oscar-winner Christian Bale may just be cast for a reported remake of the 1939 science fiction horror classic Bride of Frankenstein. While the news does not appear on The Dark Knight actor’s IMDb, there is a chance that he could be Dr. Frankenstein himself.

The movie Bride of Frankenstein was the first follow-up movie that James Whale directed. Its predecessor was the 1931 Frankenstein which he helmed as well. Starring Elsa Lanchester as the titular role appearing in the last part of the film, she portrayed another character, Mary Shelley, in the movie.

Colin Clive reprised his role as Dr. Frankenstein together with Boris Karloff, credited as Karloff, returning as the Monster.

The sequel had more characters in the story that told about the Monster’s yearning for peace and companionship. Initially escaping mobs that mean to hurt and end him, he befriends a blind hermit while his creator Dr. Frankenstein reconnects with his mentor Dr. Septimus Pretorius.

Christian Bale Reportedly Cast In Bride Of Frankenstein

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After learning of Frankenstein’s experiments, Pretorius meant to create a mate for the monster. Pretorius convinced the Monster to force Frankenstein to aid them in their endeavour. After Frankenstein refused, Pretorius threatened Frankenstein’s wife, having the Monster kidnap her and blackmailing Frankenstein.

Frankenstein finally agrees to help them create the Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster in exchange for the doctor’s wife’s safety. The creation was a success, but the Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster abhorred him, refusing to be his mate.

The Monster then resolved to destroy the laboratory but first allowed Dr. Frankenstein and his wife to safety. In the end, the Monster causes the laboratory’s destruction with him, Pretorius and the Bride of Frankenstein still in it.

Christian Bale Might Just Be In The Bride of Frankenstein Remake

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According to Giant Freakin Robot, the former DC Hero turned Marvel Villain is set to become part of a remake of Bride of Frankenstein. No particular role is specified for the actor except that there is a chance that he could either be Dr. Pretorius or Dr. Frankenstein.

At present, if the rumour is true, Bale could actually be anybody in the movie.

There is no specific information as to whether the remake will be a reboot or re-imagination of the story that Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley wrote in 1816. The piece was adapted by William Hurlbut and John Balderston for a theatrical production.

However, they did mention in the article that the production has Maggie Gyllenhaal on board as the director. Furthermore, there is no definite indication whether she will be portraying a role in the movie as well.

Christian Bale Reportedly Cast In Bride Of Frankenstein

Credit: Netflix

Maggie Gyllenhaal previously portrayed the love interest of Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. She took over Katie Holmes’ role named Rachel in the second movie that featured the Oscar-winning performance of Heath Ledger as Joker.

Ever since 2020’s musical Best Summer Ever, Gyllenhaal has been keener on directing behind the camera than acting in front of it. However, this remake of a classic might just entice her to take on a role as well.

Bride of Frankenstein has successfully carved its presence as one of those sequels which have been considered to be better than the first. It continued the overall theme of Mary Shelley’s premise about “man trying to be God”.

The sequel depicted the Monster as someone who yearns to be accepted by any friend. At least one friend. Only in the end, he accepts he “belongs to dead”.

Christian Bale Can Be Anyone In Bride Of Frankenstein

Christian Bale Reportedly Cast In Bride Of Frankenstein

Credit: Universal Pictures

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Bride of Frankenstein could definitely get an upgrade. These days technological advancements in filmmaking can be a considerable point in getting the movie’s ultimate message across. Being a treasure in the history of cinema, the movie deserves the best remake it could get.

The theme may be further developed, and the Monster could get more depth in his presentation and depiction. The portrayal of the role is of utmost importance.

Maybe Christian Bale would even be the Monster. He has done a character with the somewhat tormented soul as Gorr The God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder. In certain ways, he was a monster in that movie.

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