Blade Movie Has Huge Script Problems


It’s been revealed that the upcoming Blade movie, which will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has huge script problems. It’s also being reported that Marvel’s President, Kevin Feige, is just spread far too thin, which is one of the reasons why the Blade movie has been suffering. This was reported by Jeff Sneider on Twitter.

Here’s what Sneider had to say about the current state of the MCU movie and why things have been going so wrong with it for quite a few years now:

I’m told that the current BLADE script is roughly 90 pages and features exactly TWO (lackluster) action sequences. Mahershala said to be very frustrated with the process. Feige said to be spread too thin. But hey, that’s just what sources are telling me. Don’t shoot the messenger

Blade movie script is reportedly a mess


Credit: Marvel Studios

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So, it sounds as though the movie is in a pretty bad way. We already knew that the film’s script had undergone a number of rewrites. However, the news that the film’s director, Tariq Bassam, had left the project just weeks before it was due to go into production was not good for the movie at all. It was actually quite bad, and I believe, rather telling about the current state the movie is in.

The thing I am even more worried about is the claim that the film’s star, Mahershala Ali, is starting to get very frustrated with the whole process. I would hate it if he decided to leave the movie because of all this nonsense. It sounds to me as though the writers just can’t seem to crack the movie, which is quite odd because I would have thought that it would have been an easy movie to write. The film is about a vampire hunter who’s half-human, half-vampire. Maybe one of the main issues is that there have already been three Blade movies made in the past, and two of them were pretty darn good.

Trouble at Marvel Studios? Kevin Feige spread too thin?

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We’re just going to have to wait and see what ends up happening with this movie. What we’ve heard is that Marvel Studios is actively looking for a new director for the movie. We actually did a list of the 5 best directors to helm the project. We also added the 5 worst directors who should not touch this Marvel movie. I personally love the idea of someone like Jordan Peele getting to make this movie. However, I highly doubt he ever will because he likes to make movies that he has full control over and he also only makes films that he’s written.,

I actually thought that Tariq Bassam was a really good choice for the film. He is an up-and-coming director, and I loved Mogul Mowgli, which was the last film he directed. That film starred Riz Ahmed, and he delivered an incredible performance in it. This is a movie that Marvel needs to make, and they already revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that the film would be part of Marvel’s Phase 5, so it’s got to sort all of this stuff out before it goes into production.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching the upcoming Blade movie? Are you worried about these reports? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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