Blade, Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four & More Delayed By Marvel


Blade, Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four and Avengers: Secret Wars have all been delayed by Marvel Studios, and another untitled MCU movie has been removed entirely from its upcoming release schedule. This is a pretty big deal, and it might have something to do with the pandemic and the fact that Marvel might be looking at having bigger gaps between their upcoming releases. What I mean by the pandemic is that these delays could be a knock-on effect from the pandemic and a bunch of projects are now being put back into production.

I have the feeling that there is just too much stuff being filmed and Marvel, Disney and other studios are now having to find time and slots to film their upcoming movies. Also, Disney is using a new bit of a technology called The Volume which is pretty crazy, and it seems like a lot of Disney’s upcoming movies and TV shows are going to use it. So, this means that there might be a backlog and they might be trying to space things out slightly so that all of their upcoming projects can use this new technology.

Blade, Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four and Avengers: Secret Wars have all been delayed by Marvel


Credit: Marvel Studios

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However, as far as Mahershala Ali’s MCU movie’s concerned, and possibly the Fantastic Four film, it seems they are going back to the drawing board with those films. The Blade film recently lost its director after Tariq Bassim decided to leave the project due to “creative differences” (yep, that old chestnut again), with Marvel Studios. It was also reported that the movie’s script was a bit of a mess and that its star, Mahershala Ali, is frustrated with how things are going (or not going) on the project.

Anyway, here are the new release dates for the upcoming Marvel Studios movies following the recent delays (via Variety).

  • Blade (September 6th, 2024)
  • Deadpool 3 (November 8th, 2024)
  • Fantastic Four (February 14th, 2025)
  • Untitled Marvel movie (November 7th, 2025)
  • Avengers: Secret Wars (May 1st, 2026)

Marvel’s been moving stuff around

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So, this means that the Blade movie has moved from November 3rd, 2023, to September 6th, 2024. Deadpool 3 has moved from September 6th, 2024, to November 8th, 2024. The Fantastic Four film has shifted from November 8th, 2024, to February 14th, 2025. An untitled Marvel film has also been pushed from February 14th, 2025, to November 7th, 2025. Avengers: Secret Wars has been delayed from November 7th, 2025, to May 1, 2026, and another untitled Marvel film set for May 1st, 2026, has been removed from Disney’s release schedule.

It’s going to be an interesting time for the MCU moving forward. The upcoming movies have the potential to be brilliant, and after the release of their recent TV special on Disney Plus, Werewolf By Night, it does seem as though the MCU is entering a new era. I really hope that the Blade movie ends up sorting itself out very soon, because this movie is very, very important – at least, I think it is. This film could get the MCU to enter the supernatural realm, which I’ve been looking forward to.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to (hopefully) watching these upcoming Marvel Studios movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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